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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Roadmap discussion
  • Template reviewed, some modifications to be incorporated (Design & Investigation work boxes)
  • Fx 21
    • Pushing Baidu as the priority of the two l10n issues
  • Fx 22
    • Move NFC bump to Fx 23 since it requires a permission change (and we want to lump permission requests into one release), it will tag onto WebRTC, which also requires a permission change
      • There is a bug on NFC that requires tracking
    • Hungarian, Slovak are 'yellow' but we are still going to track for this release
    • Performance, stability, ANRs and clean-up issues aren't truly tracked in this sense, so need to rethink when and how to call out these improvements (as roll-ups, or...)
    • Need confirmation on when the tab UI is landing
  • Fx 23
    • SkiaGL move to Fx 24
    • Reader improvements move to Fx 24 (easy: night mode, font, config - may be ready in 23, but need to determine whether to hold back for a bigger bang release for 24)
    • about:home need to ensure 'snippet' support is integrated in design
    • STB & console navigation: biggest hurdle is tabability on the toolbar (say that 3 times fast)
      • ie when I hit 'right' where does it go