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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Content review (short term)

  • Fx 21
    • Turkish - bug 792077 is the long pole, Erin recommends moving to Fx22
    • Distro files - Erin is going to revisit and request a feature review next week, minor chance that this is blocked by Dynamic Snippets
    • HTML5 rollup - Just need to gather a list of what this actually includes for this release and add it to the roadmap/tracking
    • Web content font - landed, no known blockers, should be fine
  • Fx 22
    • Reflow on zoom - AT RISK, lots of performance issues
    • Dynamic URL bar - has landed, well baked at this point, there are some risks but Erin is relatively confident that this will make Fx22
    • Hungarian & Slovak - same long pole as Turkish, will likely land whenever Turkish lands, leaving in Fx22 for now
    • ANR - turned on for Nightly & will be turned on for Aurora soon, data is being manually examined right now, will eventually include a dashboard, etc. Development & work on this will be an ongoing program.
    • New Tab UI - lots of related things have landed, appears to be in pretty good shape. Meta bug is bug 817675, remaining related issues are largely polish-related and not blockers.
  • Fx 23
    • NFC bump - need to understand how this is being productized, need specs + user stories. API support has landed.
    • WebRTC platform support - need to get this preffed on ASAP so we can start getting real testing. Also need to prep a blog post for when it's ready for testing (while still preffed off) so we can tell interested folks how to turn it on and play with it.
    • Everything else - Erin will continue adding tracking information to the various pages. Deb/Kar owe specs, user stories, success criteria, etc for most of what's currently planned for Fx23 (and beyond).

Feature review (lite)

  • about:home redesign sketches & design concepts
    • Ian ran us through the current sketches - higher fidelity mockups will come next week.