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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Content review (short term)

Quick review: Any red flags?

  • Fx 21
    • Distribution files
    • HTML5 compat roll-up
    • New web content font
    • Amazon search URL updated
  • Fx 22
    • Added locales: Turkish (not confident), Hungarian (needs info), Slovak (confident)
      • Keep slovak in 22, move turkish & hungarian in 23 along with core l10n improvements
    • Dynamic URL bar - red flags
      • Disabled for Fx 22 due to regressions and usability issues (trying to find a balance for revealing it again) - new target Fx 23
    • Reflow on zoom on double tap - should land this week
      • Demo to be pulled together this week to be shown at next week's meeting (at the very latest)
    • New tab UI
      • Would like to see the title changes (private, normal, sync) instead of icons and will need some QA on this
      • Other improvements could be moved
    • ANR reporter is on 22
    • Jim's IME fixes? Will take a look at things that could have been uplifted since this is a light release
    • async canvas updates & buffers - performance improvements
    • and other high res device improvements
  • Fx 23
    • NFC bump
    • WebRTC platform - ensure it is preffed off
      • Request for both audio and video hung on the same door hanger
      • UI for ensuring a visual indicator in the tab / tab tray to say that audio and/or video is live - will make one
      • QA due diligence: device specs, blocklisting needs
    • FHR
    • Changeable (UI) search engine default
    • Add search engines - dependency on search suggestions UX
    • RSS/Atom feed
    • STB optimization
    • Directional game console nav
    • Dynamic snippets
    • State of good repair

Design Projects

  • hackathon: list of bugs closed out?
  • Settings UI design ready for review
  • STB designs: Ian and Zhenshuo have been working on ideas and will discuss later this week on how to stagger them into release versions
  • about:home redesign - do we have a concrete plan on how to tackle the engineering work?
  • 'quick share' design concept - feedback
  • reader improvements - granular list / target readiness
    • Update Reader icon -- needs design from UX
    • Inline article navigation -- needs design from UX
    • More discoverable Reading List (part of about:home redesign)
    • Rich previews of articles (part of about:home redesign)
    • Serif view -- needs UX review
  • search UX impact of adding more engines (should be discussed above)
  • Apps on Android: UX & Product MVP requirements before hitting beta, release (to safeguard the initial 'first impression' experience of running Apps on Android)

Other Items

  • Product had a work week last week, with key takeaways including:
    • Taking the time to get closer to our customers
    • Continued efforts and focus to enable pre-install & distribution relationships
      • Also includes supporting projects that will facilitate and broker discussions, including shumway, WebRTC, release management of multiple stores, further add-on capabilities to support Firefox Flavours, and performance benchmarking