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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Roadmap Review - Feedback from Presentation with Eng Heads

  • Product Management hosted Engineering Heads to a product-line roadmap review (all products reviewed) last Thursday
  • Question for Firefox for Android came from Marketplace
    • Further integration points since partner meetings focus on both products (they seemed joined at the hip)
    • Options understood:
      • Dynamic snippet
      • Current ability to enter MP from menu -> setting -> apps -> hitting on the icon / link
    • Options requested:
      • Pinned thumbnails as a default for where MP is offered (also a way of better promoting AMO?)
      • Better discoverability via menu -> settings -> apps
      • Promote the apps up the menu structure once apps are treated as first-class citizen

L10N & Search

  • Working with BD to get guidelines on when commercial agreements are required for preinstalled links (search providers to start, then any 'share' providers in the future)
    • This protects Mozilla
    • This also allows us to coordinate any opportunities with these partners
  • consent is gotten before a search plug-in is introduced into a local, but by email and possibly tracked within a bug
  • Mozilla also introduces a tracking key into each search plug-in
  • need a way to answer the easy questions quickly and not block on the hard questions
  • KR to think of a proposal to discuss with Axel and Jeff, etc

Red Flags / Hot Items

  • Any hot items, red flags of important topics to discuss for 21 (GA), 22 (beta) or 23 (aurora)? (tyler and roland:nothing in GA, beta or aurora from SUMO)
  • Notes from last meeting:
    • Slovak made it into b2 for 22 - just need to confirm search
    • Dynamic toolbar bugs being worked on - seems ok. Can remove it off the 'hot' list.
    • FHR red flag for Fx 23 release but is moving forward
      • Biggest risk: web dev and 'visualization' of search (desktop records search?) but needs privacy and security sign-off. UX feedback?
      • 'Tips' may be more useful in the report and that's likely where it will go. Arun working on wireframes. Product will follow up on Erin behalf for privacy & security -> Open question: do we need visualization to ship? Everything the client needs to do to grab the info and display it, is coded - but Arun and Laura Thompson needs to organize content in about:home.
    • shumway - stake in the ground keeping it in at 24 but need to mesh both engineering and productization expectations are met. One test video played on mobile nightly, but not working well on any website. Will move this project to the Waiting Room until we are closer in development.
    • No PiCL MVP timing plan

On-Going Roadmap Topics

  • WebRTC Fx 24 preffed on criteria
    • UI bugs & hw testing?
  • GLS: good possibiity to hit 23.
  • WebAPI: said that some work lands in Fx 23 but will Fx 24 be the target for rolling up the rest? EL was checking with Martin.
  • PushNotification: awaiting confirmation of spec required by WC3 before preffing it on
  • Marketing and WebRunTime teams need a plan to qualify privileged functionality (PushNotification & Payments)
  • Dynamic snippets: resourcing (rnewman)
  • WebApp experience: moving forward with synthesizing APKs?


  • Benchmarks have been run - looking rather nice!
  • Need to be run every 6 months to ensure we have 'current' info for partner meetings and PR & Marketing needs

Review of Waiting Room items

Feature Review

  • What feature to review next week?