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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Product Items

  • Distribution update (alternative stores & possible partners)
  • Marketplace and WebApps
    • Ideas bantered around with the WebRuntime and Marketplace teams, but have made it clear that no scheduling will be determined until product & engineering has come to an agreement on the path forward, including appropriate time for investigation for implementation
  • L10N action item: proposal provided re: search provider list
    • Agreed that we will ensure we have an acknowledgement from the search provider of our intention to include them in the list
  • Can telemetry probes be added to monitor data usage in a meaningful way?
    • FHR? - can users find this information useful? - can we find this information useful? - background data usage -> can't send back URLs though
  • Marketing update
    • Marketing support being rejigged

Red Flags / Hot Items

  • Any hot items, red flags of important topics to discuss for 21 (GA), 22 (beta) or 23 (aurora)?
    • FHR red flag for Fx 23 release but is moving forward
      • Client work still positive
      • Long pole: web content (owner: Arun, and Richard is handholding)
      • Meeting tomorrow: what can be released now to be useful to users and what can be built on top of that
      • QA test plan
    • X86 bump to aurora and beta
    • cell reporting to land on aurora (23)
    • permissions required: WebRTC, cell tower location, nfc bump, wallpaper change
      • these four components will move to Fx 24 that pertain to permissions

X86 Planning

  • QA
  • RelMan

On-Going Roadmap Topics

  • Dynamic snippets: resourcing (rnewman)
    • Prefs - can we double-up product announcement pref and dynamic snippet pref in order to get the hard-coding implementation out of the code?
    • Big risk for 24
    • Meeting to discuss this further

Review of Waiting Room items

Feature Review

  • What feature to review next week?