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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Red Flags / Hot Items

Any hot items, red flags of important topics to discuss for 21 (GA), 22 (beta) or 23 (aurora)?

  • FHR red flag for Fx 23 release but is moving forward
    • Only uploader left to land (today?)
    • Pre-uplift meeting with Lukas today
    • Arun and Ian working on final design and webpage work
    • Needs a scrub to productize the data (ensure it adds value to the user)
    • test plan written for stuff included now, but full end-to-end testing is dependent on webdev
  • X86 now on beta
    • download spreadsheet that google gives us and look for devices known as x86 - keybl?
    • should be tracked in FHR but needs to verify
  • Dynamic snippets for Fx 24 - meetings discussing scope and risk
  • Directional nav & game console support in Fx 24
    • Brian is responsible and currently working on test, and will be moved to directional nav & game console support
    • at risk
  • Push - standards push - what does this mean to inclusion in code?
  • dynamic toolbar - cwiiis on PTO and help will be sought from timothy nichol and we have a bug that requires attention
  • Turkish and Hungarian landed on aurora (yay)
    • Turkish search sorted
    • Hungarian search open question
  • API: Paymnents on track but disabled
  • Move skiaGL to fx 25
  • Mixed content to fx 25

X86 Planning

  • QA - waiting on devices (Erin on it)
  • RelMan
  • KR talking to Sylvie (IT) today on the topic

On-Going Roadmap Topics

  • PiCL - lots of high-level discussions going on here
  • New Firefox icon
  • Settings UI: search provider management
  • Bubbling up language preference - bug was just filed (bug 881510)
  • Can we start looking into creating en-GB, en-CA, en-ZA etc so we can customize defaults further (like search provider defaults)
    • GB and ZA should be relatively light weight to organize, need an owner for CA
    • we will get bugs filed

Review of Waiting Room items

Feature Review

  • What feature to review next week: mixed content