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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Red Flags / Hot Items

Any hot items, red flags of important topics to discuss for 23 (beta), 24 (aurora) or 25 (nightly)?

  • Dynamic snippets - KR to revamp the project pages / naming of this feature based on last week's discussions
  • dynamic toolbar - any issues popping up? nope, still on track for release (yay)
  • about:home redesign 'at risk' for fx 25 - standing item to check in on the risk profile
    • usability testing will be scheduled after the hackathon
  • accept language header customization UI request - about language choice
    • requires UX and front-end support, need scoping and will only discuss release once we have the information on hand
  • can we read a pref for UI locale dependent on user choice?
    • could it be first-run UX? although does Android already prompt the user for this choice? needs investigation - or just embed as an advanced customization option
    • important for when a user wants a locale that isn't on a user's phone (or as the user's default choice)
    • would not want to regress on start-up performance

FF reader

  • Project page set up including some (manually-written down) bug numbers
  • Can we use add-ons as the way to integrate code
  • Sharing intent already baked into Android (which is good)
  • Need to discuss a good flow and exploring how to send intents through to other areas and ensure what we're doing is scalable
  • Pin blocked on page actions (in 25)
  • Add-on blocks on distribution bug for non-preinstalled versions

Settings menu UI change

  • Just checking on scoping work here for a sense of achievable-yet-aggressive timing ;-)
  • Landed in nightly (yay) so check it out, give feedback etc and will look at the dev tool stuff
  • Doesn't yet include the search stuff - eng still scoping out the work

X86 Support - last week's notes

  • QA
    • Softvision received a ZTE device
    • Can we get them to also order a tablet once commercially released
    • Erin had placed orders based on her etherpad list, although devices are still 'on order'
    • HW coverage seems adequate
    • Kevin or Aaron will be able to run those graphics tests locally (but automatically) on a machine and we all feel confident that running these tests in this manner will suffice for release
      • Timing for running these tests dependent on receipt of hw
      • UPDATE: instead of Kevin/Aaron running manually, a-team+RelEng plan to stand up a "one-machine-load in automation" solution in production, so that Kevin / Aaron don't need to run these manually - woohoo!
  • RelMan
    • Nothing outstanding
  • RelEng (inc a-team requirements)
    • RelEng task to give machine to ateam to verify setup. With a working machine image, RelEng can schedule *very* low frequency jobs for testing Androidx86. For now, thinking once-a-week.
    • ultimately need for per-checkin and nightly automated testing stood up for x86. However, this requires new hardware (x86 emulator doesnt run on AWS), which has long lead time. RelEng working with IT about colospace/power/rack lead times. Per blassey/karen, this is *not* a hard requirement before first going to GA.

X86 Support - this week's notes

  • QA
    • Asus x2 arrived in MtView today and others on order and due to arrive soon
    • graphics testing is now under a bug under releng
  • RelEng (inc a-team requirements)
    • Clint has a production machine to determine what modifications are needed to run the emulator
    • (currently under capacity and standing up more hardware isn't an option)
    • meeting with IT to walk through requirements for long term
    • setting up a machine to run through once to give us confidence (received the machine on Wednesday) and Clint scoping out work and timing to give us a sense

RelMan Process for Alternative Distribution channels

  • Other stores (may need a separate meeting with key stakeholders to discuss stream-lined process)
  • blassey, rnewman, mfinkle - wrap up all the information contained for vetting some of these stores
  • basic testing - can we get a test APK sooner rather than later (and ensure we have appropriate devices)

Review of On Deck items