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  • Hot items (elan)
  • x86 hardware and testing update
  • Targeted feature check-ins
    • Mixed content - from Fx 24 - 25?
    • Double-tap to reflow
    • Add-on control of added homescreen page
    • Add-on control of tiles on default homescreen
    • New settings menu: search providers timing?
  • Marketing update on behalf of Chad (verbal)
  • Karen's Tokyo trip update (verbal)


Hot items

  • Double-tap to reflow
    • Patch approved to remove for GA and expected to only be present in Beta, Aurora and Nightly [requires patch for Nightly] but hasn't yet been removed
  • FHR added text - should see it soon
  • Product announcements for Fx 24 beta
    • We have professional copy and can publish it out, early next week is estimated timing
  • API parity from FxOS has been requested from Vishy
    • KR to request a matrix for comparison & timing
    • Request is for alarm and webactivities - but alarm has same issues as push
    • NB: webactivities was designed for B2G in mind and a spec doesn't yet exist for Fx for Android
    • Need better cross-platform coordination (gaps, holes, what's blocking development, how APIs need to change) - can we get Vishy to make it clearer

x86 update

  • builds: done I believe? Anything left to do here?
    • builds are fine - nothing left to do here, running on all our needed branches
  • tests: hardware PO for androidx86 approved Friday bug 892825. No ETA on delivery. No ETA on IT-rack-power-setup. Expect running in production ~3weeks after RelEng can ping the machines.
    • John will keep us updated. Long pole will be delivery and turning them on.
    • If we need more machines, we can start that process right away (we have enough budget for that)
  • Samsungs trickling in, nothing new this week (

Feature check-in

  • Mixed content - from Fx 24 - 25
    • Uplifted to Fx 25
  • Add-on control of added homescreen page
  • Add-on control of tiles on default homescreen
    • Margaret will take a look from a dev point of view
    • Ian needs to provide some visual cues
    • Bundled add-ons vs non-bundled add-ons: different control or vetting process?
    • Better descriptions in AMO detailing out exactly what happens to the UX
    • We also have a black list
      • Project Squeaky (desktop focused currently) - Tyler can provide more info
  • New settings menu: search providers timing?
    • Didn't make it to Fx 25, so need to back out what did land (so will revert to 24) and will work on getting the search component landed in Fx 26
    • The rest is in there, including the developer tools section
    • Menu has been restructured and will have dev tools in it for 25, and only the search component will be backed out and moved to 26
  • Adding search providers
    • Communicate via post to l10n newsgroup with included locales, bugs filed
    • Timing could be done in a cycle (into aurora) - will be dependent on locales (possibly 25, more realistically 26)