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  • Possible implementation strategies for Firefox "Flavours" - Kinderfox, Silverfox, Devfox, etc. Profiles? Add-ons? Both? If profiles, does this depend on implementing multiple profile support? Does that in turn hinge on Firefox Account support? Will also need to sort out UX for switching between, turning on/off, etc.
  • Firefox for Readers support - current risk levels? What can we do for Fx24 vs Fx25 vs Fx26?
  • "Pin" image for the URL bar (apparently Ian and/or Mfinkle will know what this means)
  • Axel's take on search info provided in bug 903082 and bug 903084 & if these are the tags needed to get them implemented
  • Hot items (elan)



  • Proposal to ship "feature" as incremental pieces vs. monolithic feature from engineering
  • However, UX/UR doing a workshop & deep dive into who are users are in this demographic and how best to serve them Sept. 9th
  • From there, we can brainstorm, role up our sleeves during the mobile work week
  • Plenty of progress is being made in unison... dria in the midst of competitive analysis. elan to assist with the ios side.

Fx for Readers

  • mfinkle has most of this in his brain

Pin image

  • Need to follow up with ibarlow to be sure we have consensus, too but direction from eng side is to not include it by default.

Search info

Hot items


  • (joduinn, per melissa in irc today) Android x86 ix-hardware "maybe delivered by end of Aug". Bugs for racking, and imaging being filed, and will be linked to tracking bug 891959.
  • (blassey) can we take a look at search suggestions again? apparently twitter supports search suggestions now. Others may as well. We've also talked about proposing an OpenSearch 2.0 that standardizes the search suggestion mechanism.
  • share providers (ibarlow) - later since he can't get in the meeting boo