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  • Hot items : Erin
  • Approach in tackling Firefox Flavours (starting with Kinderfox): Deb
  • Firefox for Readers support - What can we do for Fx24 vs Fx25 vs Fx26?
  • Search tags for Bing and Yahoo provided in bug 903082 and bug 903084 for implementation in Fx 26?


Hot items

  • Fig merge
  • bug 902719 - Keep getting "package invalid" error on multiple updates, reinstall attempts via Google Play. <== this has been resolved and I need to double check the ratings
  • getUsesrMedia is ready to ship for Fx24 but apparently, PeerConnection & DataChannel support for WebRTC is not. How we are going to ship this needs to be discussed.

UX / Product 'creative brief' approach

Fx for Readers

Pin image

  • How can this be surfaced? (QuickShare, menu item?, ...)

Search info

X86 demo sites

  • Pinged Martin and Vlad to find sites and cases where performance is well showcased and demoed on X86


  • Share provider deck - progress and feedback (ibarlow)
  • BD meeting update from last week (kar)
  • Product announcements - meeting today to run through specifics
  • New product marketing support!!! Jesse Montano