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  • Hot items
  • SUMO: WebRTC feedback?

Hot items

  • no 'at risk' items for Fx 25 - still correct?
    • Guest Browsing, possibly. Need QA to confirm
    • For Fx25, the Nexus 10 crash has morphed into a hybrid of graphical glitches (fixes landed) bug 900020 - graphical glitches on Nexus 10/Android 4.3 (was: crash in and the actual crash which is now being tracked bug 920006 - crash in (Nexus 10, Android 4.3)
    • The crash we want fixed, has landed bug 902431 - crash in webrtc::videocapturemodule::VideoCaptureAndroid::AttachAndUseAndroidDeviceInfoObjects

and we have a r+'d patch for bug 918372 - Repeated WebRTC sessions exhaust the JNI LocalRef table

  • about:home re-redesign update
  • Fx 26 - need info on progress for marketplace discoverability
  • Fx 26 - chromecast is listed as proposed, but need to define what we're doing here
  • Fx 26 - search provider listed at risk. This is an absolute priority: what do we need to do to make this happen?
  • Fx 26 - more info on the risk profile for promo banner add-on
  • Fx 26 - do we have what we need to move forward on yahoo (or are we awaiting their final confirmation of our implementation) and bing?
  • any other hot items?

WebRTC feedback


  • nothing on user feedback channels (obviously since it's a very developer focused feature at the moment)
  • dev sites: ycombinator, reddit,slashdot, etc
    • tyler did a quick check shortly after FF24 release & found nothing; Roland will double check if anything has surfaced over the first week of release and add links here if anything is found

Mobile work week

  • Any feedback?
  • Internal project names should not be used in any external forum (ie our various flavours)
  • Product funnel terminology

Requested Fx 27 Features

  • Customizable browser sound effects
  • Game console support
  • WebApp experience - possible??
  • Gestures
  • Changing default search providers per locale

Feature walk-throughs

  • First feature walk-throughs target Oct 22
  • Any features slated for Fx 27