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  • Hot items
  • SUMO: WebRTC feedback?

Hot items

  • Guest browsing still ok for Fx 25 - QA?
  • A fix for landed for Nightly Fx27 (by way of backing out bug 875731), thanks mfinkle: Bug 921944 (Regression: Unable to initiate a download)
  • about: home UI was uplifted to Fx 26: there is a long list (including number of tests) which probably need to be prioritized / triaged
    • History and Top Sites are separate pages again
    • Thumbnails in the Top Sites page
    • When entering Home, Top Sites is the default page
  • Fx 26: add-ons for promo banner tile
    • The add-on support is in Fx 26
    • Margaret has a test blog
    • Basics: url, text and image in json
  • L10N: we are looking to add Bing as a search provider (second to Google) for en-US, en-GB, de, fr, es-ES in Fx 26
    • Tracked in Bug 903084
    • Who can this bug be assigned to? Can we confirm it is fully actionable / all info is needed?
  • L10N: Irish contributor will get a device, but Erin will ship it out around 10-13, post-summit travel.
  • FHR: instrument partnerID to traffic - not user facing feature. Rnewman, need a bug or do you have this covered?


  • Hearing of a project run on FxOS and desktop
  • Fixes for WebRTC on Android will make it into Fx 25, 26 and 27 [project page has been set up to track those bugs for visibility]
  • SUMO: Tyler looked after release on developer sites: nothing. Roland looked last Tuesday:nothing. Roland will create a wiki page and put a link here, and will find an evangelism contact for WebRTC and see if they know anything.

Roadmap Strategy

  • Evaluating what resonates with partners to sweeten preinstall opportunities
  • Firefox to play to our strengths: choice, customization, flexibility, HTML5, performance, extensible platform
  • Firefox will be measured by ADIs, Google star ratings, download growth, conversion rates, press coverage, market share - anything that visibly shows we're a viable and relevant mobile browser
  • Two paths for distribution: download & preinstall
  • Short term roadmap & workload mix in all areas that resonate with partners
    • Some items are targeted for release in Q4 / Q1
    • Other items are work that we need to do in Q4 / Q1 to support a Q2 / Q3 release
  • So you'll hear about a plan covering 6 - 12 months, although the main focus is work that needs to be accomplished in Q4 / Q1
  • Main priority items (which can compromise of multiple components) include:
    • Finishing up search provider work
    • Adding elements of our share provider work
    • Facilitating and improving the WebRTC experience
    • Exploring and prototyping second screen support (including WebRTC use cases) which can include IPTV and STB implementations
    • Reading list improvements
    • Finishing up the Webapp APK synthesis work
    • Always performance improvements to facilitate the mobile gaming story and ensure we don't fall behind the competition in start-up and page load times (also needed for a strong Webapp story)
    • Sync (tablestakes so we don't lose users to Chrome sync)
    • Improved tablet experience (UX wins and m-commerce)
    • Elements of our 'flavours' work
    • GeckoView productization plan
  • Other items that are important but will likely not be able to be accomplished in the short term timeframe but on the books for medium term:
    • Fixing master password
    • First-run experience
    • Data bandwidth optimization
    • Supporting ever-expanding set of locales
    • EOL official Android 2.2 support
    • Further gestures support
    • Expanding on cloud services integration
    • Firefox for the enterprise
  • Lists and priorities will be re-evaluated constantly

Product Funnel

  • Prioritization of work

Fx 27

  • Proposed currently:
    • Add-ons to customize sound effects -> remove if we can land some reader list and share provider work
    • Directional game console nav - finish up the work here?
    • STB browser optimization - finish up the work here?
    • Additional locales: Hindi, Slovenian
    • WebRTC improvements (decrease audio latency)
  • Other (new items) proposed:
    • Landing initial share provider work?
    • Any Reading List improvements?
    • Change the default search provider for NEW users where Bing has been added (from Fx 26)

Feature Reviews

  • Oct 22 is our target
  • Idea:
    • Review the Fx 27 features async in nightly a few days prior and we can come back to the group with comments?


  • Karen on PTO post Summit thru Wednesday, Oct 16 (inclusive)
  • Product Announcements: 1) How stable do we think it is for GA 2) timing/timeline of updates to the dashboard