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Hot items

  • Fx 25
    • bug 907301 It looks like we could be getting Prisjakt search engine added for sv-SV
      • Will move to Fx 26
  • Fx 26
    • re-redesign of about:home? We should get this landed before beta bug 918007
      • Lucas working on a patch today
      • Erin will follow up with Lucas - this is important!
  • addition of bing & yahoo
    • Jeff will take a look at the latest bug comments and get back to us with further clarifications as needed
    • If the dependent search order bug cannot make it in, we still land Yahoo as an additional search provider in Fx 26
  • bug 919234 - Regression: Unpinning a site flashes thumbnail into neighbour thumbnail spot ... it looks like this is caused by bug 926574 which actually doesn't make much sense
  • Other
    • Geolocation - seems to still be deferred (which is ok). Contacts requires permission - still no other features on the horizon requiring new permissions?
    • APK synthesis work - targeting Fx 29
      • May this require new permissions? Will need to check any impact to privileged APIs / kitchen sink app to test.
      • New permissions linked to new web apis

Fx 27

  • Two weeks ago, we left with a question asking for quick reader/reading list improvements as well as some simple hooks to get the 'save for later' work started. What do we have?
    • bug 917884 is the meta bug for new Reader features. Seems unlikely that any of these will hit 27 at this point though.
  • Question: how close / far are we from finishing up the basic optimizations for STB / directional nav support? Anyone actively working on it, or should we shift it out (no pressing driver to have this for this release)
    • Not going to make it into 27
    • Currently breaks spacial nav in the chrome
  • Changing default search provider for a handful of locales?
    • Need to confirm whether we can make a chance to new users only or whether search preferences are cached for at least the majority of users
    • Should we land adding bing & yahoo in 26 thinking that our target new default is in 27 (or do we defer modifying default for another release)
  • What's landed in 27
    • bug 922338 - Update phishing-protection page in infoURL pref across Firefox products
    • Usability Fit and Finish: Overhaul of the favicon system bug 914296 - (FaviconRevamp) and Remove overscroll and show highlight instead bug 705246 and bug 791475 - Android updater notification should provide more information like progress
    • Progress on ANR effort: bug 909974, bug 926574
    • Progress on GeckoView: bug 927451

Awesomescreen: bug 921265

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  • Partner updates