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Hot items

  • Fx 25
  • Fx 26
    • On track with re-design of about:home?
      • bug 918007 - Disable toolbar elements (menu, back, forward, tabs) while in editing mode on tablets
    • addition of bing & yahoo
      • blassey has put in a request to uplift bug 923795 - Add condition to MozParam to detect top 2 (or N) position
      • FR on track for 26
      • DE, ES an GB are at risk for 26
      • To be clear: the number 1 default position will not change from Google. Changing the default 1 position will come later, TBC with the l10n teams
  • Fx 27
    • Marketplace UI polish/clean-up: in 27
  • Shumway target
    • Need to enumerate what has to happen for Android-specific support: bug 905668 - [Meta] Shumway for Firefox for Android
    • 27 and 28 too early to target
    • Brad to list out the work for Erin
  • Need product to triage, for fennec China in order to understand what level of integration we need for m-c:


  • Marrying second screen (living room TV) & WebRTC & casting use case for early demo / proto

Product Feature Funnel

  • Work is ongoing
  • Trying to figure out what to do with the list now that we have it
  • Will be going through P1 items with Ian on Thursday to sort out which we'll likely want to do prototype testing on with user research
  • Will be scheduling a meeting for the team sometime in the next week or so to do "relative effort" estimations for both UX and Engineering for each of the P1 items - I just have to get some rough information into the project pages first
  • Then just fleshing out more project pages & breaking the P2 & P3 items down into subfeatures so we can continue the process on those


  • Once rough estimates are provided, features will be added as proposed targets up to Fx 31

Q4 Goals

  • Add Bing and Yahoo search to selected locales (FF27) and measure impact via FHR
  • Validate 2 major distribution opportunities [1]
  • Deliver updated roadmap and feature targets through FF31


  • Partner updates
  • Marketing update? (Putting Jesse on the spot)
    • Brazil and Indonesia has seen strong spikes in ADIs
  • Re-design walk-through Fx 27
    • Lucas and Ian to come up with a list for us to look at on both smartphone & tablet
  • Favicon rewrite Fx 27
    • Ensure everything works smoothly
  • Yahoo! & Bing additions
    • Ensure all new (and current) profiles work as expected with the additional search engines
  • Followup on l10n after mobile workweek
  • reflow to zoom - under dbaron's remit now that scott has left