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Hot items

  • Fx 25
    • bug 935676 - Flash doesn't work on 4.4 KitKat
      • Blog post? Shumway angle?
    • bug 933323 - Ensure new about:home is properly localized before shipping Firefox 26
      • Jesse to take a look at Comment 9 for possible rel note inclusion
  • Fx 26
    • bug 935604 - Regression: Graphical corruption shown on screen during page load
      • mcomella is on it, actively investigating
    • addition of bing & yahoo bug 903084, bug 903082
      • Seems like en-US, FR, es-ES and DE on track for 26
      • GB (still? at risk for 26) - currently under patch review but should still make it into 26

Product Feature Funnel

  • Will begin targeting releases asap
  • Out of the P1s, Quickshare items could be targeting Fx 28 (context-sensitive & multiple icons)
  • Privacy meeting with Alina to talk through telemetry and 3rd party integration services next Thursday
    • Depending on outcome of that meeting, we'll get a subset of probes defined for telemetry that could make it into Fx 28 (QuickShare)

Feature walk-throughs for Fx 27

  • Re-design of about:home walk-through
    • Flickering of loading thumbnails
    • Toolbar moving up
    • New interactions on the tablet disabling menu, tab switcher, ...
    • Thumbnails don't go away when typing
    • Lagginess in typing in awesomebar (but a feeling)
    • Search behaviour
    • Search suggestions when hitting a bad character
    • Title bar
  • Favicon rewrite walk-through Fx 27
  • Yahoo! & Bing additions
    • Need new icon for Yahoo
    • Can we add 'hiding' of search engines / control in the settings menu
    • Need to allow reordering & hiding


  • Marketing update
    • Product announcement to en-US to try to bump folks to Fx 25
    • Initial draft of marketing plan by the end of the week
    • Lukas pulling together a video (Mark to provide further info)
  • Partner update
  • hyperlink auditing (ping)