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Hot items

  • Fx 26
    • graphical glitch bug landed and updated for the next beta
    • addition of bing & yahoo bug 903084, bug 903082
      • Looks like all locales will make it (including the 'squishy box' logo :) )? [en-GB, en-US, fr, de, es]
      • on a thread with Bing re: images / videos (lack of) results and trying to find an engineer and not a BD person to chase it up :/
  • Shumway / kitkat implication
    • bug 905668 to add shumway into Android build
    • 2 UX bugs will be added to enable UI (extension by default of the user chooses to) and an opt-in experience for telemetry to gather data

Product Feature Funnel

  • Privacy meeting with Alina to talk through telemetry and 3rd party integration services today (Tuesday)
    • Depending on outcome of that meeting, we'll get a subset of probes defined for telemetry that could make it into Fx 28 (QuickShare)
    • Can we also try and set probes to support 3rd party integration work?
  • Prioritization and feature <-> release targeting currently WIP

Second Screen Project

  • General update

3rd Party Integration

  • Related to QuickShare and My List items
  • MVP to be discussed to enable us to target Fx 30
  • KR to provide further verbal context


  • Marketing update
    • Focusing on a video on Friday (Lukas' version is dropped)
    • Product announcement to en-US
      • We need weblogs
  • Partner update