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Hot items

  • Jeff's l10n bug needing approval (it's been chased)

SEA Research Findings

  • Special guest: Gemma

Thanks for listening today. Please don't hesitate to get in touch ( if you have any additional questions or if you would like to discuss the findings in more detail.

You can access a video of clips and findings from our fieldwork here:

You can access a longer version of the report I shared today here:

Please do not share either of these files outside of Mozilla.

Thanks! Gemma

Proposed Product Roadmap

  • Questions to discuss
    • bug 852608 - Add support for OpenSearch - this is where search engines embedded in webpages are more discoverable so that a user can long-press the URL bar to add the engine to their search provider list. Search providers can then be managed in the new search settings menu.
    • Screencasting targets
      • mfinkle proposes Fx29 preffed off for casting video from Fennec to Roku only (not including WebRTC video)
    • Short-term tablet UI improvements - break these out of the larger "Tablet refresh" project and turn into a shorter-term project?
      • Pinning the tabs tray open
      • Locking toolbar
      • Other low hanging fruit?
    • Firefox Accounts (
      • What client-side work needs to be done on our team to support mid Dec (milestone 1) and March (milestone 2) targets? Is it clear the work that is required?


  • Marketing update
    • Product announcement to en-US update?
  • Partner update