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Hot items

  • bug 945712 - Samsung Galaxy S4: After upgrade to Android 4.3, Verdana has become the default font instead of Open Sans, Open Sans only displays in reader mode
  • bug 943944 - Text selection doesn't work in textarea elements
  • It looks like we're good for Fx26. Privacy demo on Wed @ 2:30 Pacific.
  • We are at about 2 crashes per 100 ADU
  • Sign off on Thursday am
  • bug 943921 - Regression: Buttons on Twitter main splash page are partially obscured. Obviously need this prior to uplift.
  • Bustage bug 945723 caused by bug 936756 - Switch locales via pref, not via system locale setting which has been backed out. Confounding since dev was super cautious with pre-testing and passing of tests, etc. but we have some time before merge.
  • bug 912148 - Displayport, low-res displayport, and tiling code need some love seems to be the bug which causedbug 944429 Talos regressions tp4 7% on Android 4.0.4, SVG-ASAP 400% on Android 4.0.4, 500% on Android 2.2, on Nov 27 (but it seems debatable that this is truly an issue)
  • bug 709230 - (Proguard) Use ProGuard to shrink and optimize Fennec's Java .class files has landed and has been activated. Important because it makes the app smaller and faster. Smaller APK = more room for other locales, possibly. Dev docs needed as new requirement will be that sometimes folks will need to annotate Java code to avoid Proguard overzealously deleting it. (500K smaller)

SEA Research Findings Recap

Just advertising the links Gemma has posted for us.

Thanks for listening today. Please don't hesitate to get in touch ( if you have any additional questions or if you would like to discuss the findings in more detail.

You can access a video of clips and findings from our fieldwork here:

You can access a longer version of the report I shared today here:

Please do not share either of these files outside of Mozilla.

Thanks! Gemma

Product Notes

  • EOL-ing 'official' support for Android 2.2 is a known project and expected to be done in 2014
    • Timing is TBC, although has already been discussed with a few parties and it comes down to appropriate comms, messaging, SUMO and support flows 'readiness'
  • Discussions around ARMv6 support (and corresponding activities) have been launched based on preliminary FHR data showing an insignificant proportion of our ADIs are coming from ARMv6
    • KR is working with metrics to corroborate the FHR numbers
    • KR is working with strategy to view a breakdown of ARMv6 market numbers in our Top 10 Markets

Product Roadmap Review


  • Marketing update
    • Product announcement to en-US update? Expected timing
    • Twitter Ads
    • MWC
    • Demo Video
    • Firefox Accounts
  • Partner update
  • Discussion around GPlay ratings