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Hot items

  • Shuwmay extension landed in Nightly only for easier testing and enabling bug 905668
    • sites that check navigator.plugins will not find flash there (I'm not sure how to detect that)
  • Reducing profile size
    • Trickling out until we're happy. bug 942602 - Meta bug.

Strategy 1-pager feedback

  • Feedback from the steering committee re: proposed business objectives, goals and corresponding strategies

Firefox Accounts & Sync

  • Update: target release for Firefox Accounts & current sync (v1.1) is Fx 29
  • Cross functional effort between Services, Desktop, FxOS and us
  • Although much of the persona stuff will be in use, federated accounts is *not* being supported
  • Need to work through details around migration of existing users

Roadmap Update

  • New project pages proposed in Fx 29

Feature walk-throughs

  • action bar for text selection walk-through (elan & wesj)

Mat Leave

  • Target maternity leave for KR is Jan 17 - Jun 2
  • Deb will keep this meeting going come January, as well as manage the roadmap and most other queries


  • Marketing
  • Partner
  • Have a SUPERB holiday!!!