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Hot items

  • Review decline by 1 hundreth, apparently due to Brazil (-.04), India (-.06), Indonesia (-.08) <== should we file things like this in bugzilla to track or is that over-rotating?
  • Single locale Aurora and it looks like beta builds are broken bug 923950

Firefox Accounts & Sync


  • Quick update from Margaret if she's here.

Roadmap update

Feature walk-throughs

  • Follow up to Action Bar mode. There's still lot's to do and we have about 2.5-3 core weeks to converge, would like this frozen by 01/24.
    • bug 956782 - Swap Search and Share in Text-Selection Action Bar <== I know that this seems like "polish" but I still think it's an important perception case we should take care of before we intro this feature to the world
    • bug 956571 - Select-All button in text-selection action-bar dismisses action bar and does not select any text
    • bug 956075 - Long-pressing at top of page with URL bar hidden triggers URL bar context menu
    • bug 955861 - Long-tapping on reader mode toolbar icons triggers text selection mode
    • bug 950698 - Change the text for the tip for adding more search providers from Settings->Customize->Search settings
    • bug 949613 - Scrolled off title-bar is shown when prior it is hidden after an action or dismissal of use of the text-selection action-bar
    • bug 951274 - Disable "click on selected text to copy needs review (esp since it's a mentor bug)


  • Good progress on this, what's the plan: bug 917896 - Replace progress throbber with a progress bar