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Hot items

  • Big thank you for latest landings and here's a drum beat to continue to test/converge Action Bar for text selection by next Friday so we have plenty of time for anything QA finds before uplift.
    • bug 951274 - Disable "click on selected text to copy
    • bug 955861 - Long-tapping on reader mode toolbar icons triggers text selection mode
    • bug 949613 - Scrolled off title-bar is shown when prior it is hidden after an action or dismissal of use of the text-selection action-bar
    • bug 956782 - Swap Search and Share in Text-Selection Action Bar
    • bug 956571 - Select-All button in text-selection action-bar dismisses action bar and does not select any text
    • bug 956075 - Long-pressing at top of page with URL bar hidden triggers URL bar context menu
    • bug 950698 - Change the text for the tip for adding more search providers from Settings->Customize->Search settings <==land but not for uplift, no l10n silver bullets
  • From Jeff Beatty
    • Belarusian is out for Fx28 bug 521981
    • [CRITICAL] We have a critical bug dealing with maemo-locales on Aurora. Somehow all of the updates made to the list of locales there have been reverted and hg has no log of how it happened. Multilocale Aurora builds now only have 19 locales instead of the 30 they should have.
    • [CRITICAL]The single locale build issue is still unresolved and is becoming more critical. It seems that this bug will prevent us from shipping in the T-Store in unresolved before the last Beta build.

Firefox Accounts & Sync

  • Update?

APK Synthesis & related

  • Currently at risk for Fx29 because the server team is not confident they'll be able to get the production server up and running in time.
  • Plan is to land the code in Fx29 Nightly and let it bake there and in Aurora, using the development servers. It will not move to Beta until the production servers are ready.
  • For migration - As I understand it current webapp users will be prompted to install a new version of their webapp when APK synthesis goes live (beta & GA), receiving a notification about such (possibly including a link to the correct Marketplace page) when they try to launch their legacy webapps. Legacy webapps will run fine, they just won't receive any further updates.
  • SUMO articles & release notes will need to be written to explain this to users if there are questions.
  • In-product marketplace promotion will be limited to:


  • Update from Margaret
  • Need to make sure we're able to invoke Sync set-up from the promo banner for Fx29 (see Promo snippet for Sync project page).
  • When can we start testing this with the real Snippets service? I want to make sure this gets a ton of testing through the entire trains cycle so we can test locales, channels, etc.


  • Update from Jesse about MWC plans around Android.
  • Product Announcments - have we determined whether those are working as intended at this point?

Roadmap update

  • Any changes or additions?
  • Added Fx29 -- [PROPOSED] Synced tabs page as entry point into Firefox Accounts & Sync bug 958889 MOVE TO 30
  • Added Fx32 -- [PROPOSED] Kitkat download integration
  • Moved PDF.js from Fx29 to Fx30
  • Moved second-screen stuff out of Fx29 back to the P1 project funnel list for now - can move back into a release target when we have a better idea of when that can happen.

Feature or UX walk-throughs

  • Nothing this week


  • Anything else to chat about?
  • Karen's last day is tomorrow (Wednesday) and will be back in June!
  • Priority of Kindle Fire? bug 956964 tracks Kindle issues.
    • OMFG Silk is awful
  • bug 959002 Google play auto-installed Firefox 18 on my Nexus 7 and it crashes.
  • Geolocation recording is a lower priority now