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Hot items

Feature discussion

  • Current status of snippets & product announcments?
    • Product Announcements is day for day, I wasn't able to get to it last week; aiming for this week prior to mwc
    • Snippets for sync: I'm pretty sure we still need an API to be able to target current old sync users vs. new new sync users but let's confirm with rnewman
    • General snippets, perf regression?




Roadmap review

  • Starting to think about possible ways to improve our roadmap planning & prioritization process -- what we have is good, but feels a little mushy at times. I'd like to crisp it up and get a bit further ahead of the game. Will update with progress when progress has been made (Deb)

Partner review

  • Will do this biweekly starting in a week or two - in-meeting only (no notes). This is mostly a heads-up that this is a thing we'll start doing more formally.