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Fx Accounts and Sync

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Firefox Hub

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  • Most of the news is happening in Barcelona. Let's wait until next week to get a full update.
  • Opera Max. More data compression, this time video. The interesting thing about this is the pay model: users either watch one ad per day or pay $1/month. It will be interesting to see which segments this service is adopted with in emerging markets. Also includes a data monitoring app.
  • Yandex offering an alternative to AOSP. Yandex.kit is a firmware package that offers services such as email, browser, etc. as well as their They are beginning to partner with Huawei and Explay (a Russian OEM).
  • Screencasting. We will go into this in more detail next week when the rest of the team is back. QPlay TV Streamer is in beta. This is the Roku competitor from the founders of Tivo. Uses an iOS app as a remote control in the demo, so not true screencasting.