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Hot items

MWC report

  • Mark

Feature discussion

  • Firefox Accounts & Sync - status? Currently shown as "at risk" - still true?
  • APK Synthesis - status? Are we still waiting to see if we can get production servers up in time for beta?
  • Snippets - status? Can we start testing this on Nightly again yet?
  • Hub
    • Moving most of this to Fx32 & hoping to secure some great partners for a September launch
    • Fx30 will focus mainly on RSS support (2 add-ons) - does it look like we'll be able to get this part finished and polished in time for Fx30?
    • Deb & Ian need to put together project pages for each of the P1 add-ons, with finalized stories & designs
  • Product Announcements - what are the next steps for getting this sorted out? I'm not sure what the problem is, but it would be nice to get this sorted out ASAP.
  • RTL support - status?



Bill & Kev

  • Something about a trade show last week that had something to do with mobile.
  • The Nokia X series of phones are more than just an entry level device. They're dual-sim variants that represent Nokia's take on a quickly developed phone geared towards an emerging market sans Google, and offer those markets an entry point for MS services where Android development is the thing.
  • Chipsets, chipsets, and more chipsets. Faster processors, quad/octo/hexa-cores, faster wifi, new 64-bit platforms from places like Intel, Samsung and MediaTek (and others) dominated a lot of the hardware talk at MWC vs. innovations in the handsets themselves. Look for robust platforms at lower price points, putting a serious crimp on feature phones moving forward.
  • Phablets going mainstream - many people calling the tablet market as commoditized after 3 short years, with increased focus on the phablet (I'm sorry this is an actual term) market, which offers considerably better economics and distribution.
  • Operators continue to struggle to differentiate their offerings from being more than a dumb pipe. Appears to be willingness to partner vs. build (e.g. WhatsApp vs. Joyn), and a renewed focus on how to create an offering that sticks with the user (e.g. Mobile Connect (which uses OpenID's Connect).
  • Related to the operator challenges, Opera Software continues to focus less on innovating in the browser space, and continuing to develop services for both operators and users through its beta of Opera Max, and incorporating acquisition properties.


Roadmap review

  • We are moving the primary Firefox Hub stuff to Firefox 32, and will focus only on RSS stuff for Fx30. I need to change the roadmap to reflect that.
  • I also need to work a Firefox Marketplace Discovery Feed add-on into the mix somewhere - maybe Fx31? Will sort that out offline, this is just FYI.

Partner review

  • Mark & Deb (no notes, in-meeting only)