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Hot items

  • Need to take a gander at release notes: ttps://
  • Sync failures observed yesterday, recorded? Thanks for the testing, keep chipping away/commenting if you would. The conclusion I'd like to draw above success/failure is - are we generally aligned with the feedback we're seeing in the GP store?
    • Still some things that need to land -- scheduling tweaks (see mfinkle's feedback), Send Tab removal, some deprecation indicator work.
  • We uplifted with synthetic APK support turned on (and a snippet/bookmark) for beta testing. We need a concerted effort to monitor feedback so we can react in due time prior to next merge (04/28). The plan is to do another GA Go/No-Go the week of April 4th and actually change the bits (if needed) prior to go to build week of April 8th (which is either beta 3 or 4). Backlog

Process improvements discussion

A discussion started about how it seems to be taking longer to land features. Roadmap items tend to slip a bit too often. What can we do to improve our efficiency?


Telemetry hack week?

Ian suggested taking some time after the Fx31 merge to focus on landing some UI telemetry probes. We have a few bugs filed and Sola has some patches getting close. Ian suggested a Hack Week to get the code landed. We might not need to dedicate the entire team to coding, but we all need to be aware of what's happening. We also need to support Sola, Chenxia and Newman in order to get these patches landed.


  1. We determine to land UI Telemetry in Fx31, possibly uplift to Fx30 based on risk.
  2. As a team, understand how UI Telemetry is different than old-school Telemetry (It is!)
  3. As a team, focus on how we structure probes (events and sessions) for the current bugs
  4. As a team, understand how post-processing will happen to allow us to analyze the data once it's been collected

We might need a special meeting for this.



Google continues expansion of its Play media services - Play Movies added 39 markets and is now available in 65 countries and Music in 25, expanding content offerings for users and the playback market for Chromecast. Google also announced enhancements to Google Games platform, looking to add cross-platform support.
Why should we care? Google continues to sign content licensing agreements in core markets and markets where Apple has not gone, strengthening it's position as a content player for the Android platform. It continues to follow it's X-platform strategy to bring Google services to whatever device you happen to be using, and increasing the utility value of the Google brand to its users.

Umeng released its China Mobile Insights report - Notables: 700mm "smart" devices active in China; social sharing to Chinese services (e.g. not Facebook) is a key to success; just under half of all active devices are mid to high-end devices (e.g. $330 and up); Samsung owns 24% market share - super fragmented; WiFi connectivity continues to grow while LTE isn't quite ready for prime time.
Why should we care? - China remains a big opportunity, with multiple operators and service providers. It's a very fragmented market that has a large install base of Android devices.



  • No major new trending issues
  • Stability still top issue
  • Still confusion over bookmarks, history, top sites navigation. New feedback is that users are confused that they have to navigate to about:home to view these lists (especially bookmarks), users expect them to be navigable via the menu.
  • Upcoming feedback summary report by EOW

Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark and Deb


read only, but please spread the word

Roadmap update

read only

  • Cleaned up the Firefox Hub stuff, so now Fx30, Fx31, and Fx32 each have one Hub project page (not counting related snippet banner or add-on pages)
  • Moved WebRTC tab streaming from Fx30 to Fx31