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Thank you for 28.0.1
Thank you for Aurora Builds
We triaged Sync bugs out of Fx29+ and Fx30+, here's some feedback I cultivated, I'll keep watching
  • "Major Improvement! The beta keeps all my history and things in sync! I like that I now can add unlimited devices to my account!!"
  • "Nice, but handling synced tabs clunky Sync speed has improved since last review, but there's still no way to sort, search or filter synced tabs and bookmarks from other devices, which means it can still take forever to find what you really want quickly....a problem that is mirrored throughout the whole interface. Firefox should be geared towards making it intuitive to seamlessly move between browsing-in-progress on multiple devices. Wasn't that the original promise of the concept of syncing?"
  • Feedback talked about some sign-in errors, QA passed those along to rnewman, nalexander
Please live on WebApps on Fx29
Shall we summarize what was decided in hub meeting today?

Process improvements discussion

  • Have we started a discussion or booked a meeting to follow through on this?

Telemetry progress

  • Status?

UI language switching

  • UI language switching seems to be higher priority than web content language switching
  • Need to clarify what this project looks like & sort out current status
  • Ideally we want this for a Fx31 release


  • Introducing Arcadio Lainez

Tablet sprint results

Yuan & Anthony




Android is leading mobile traffic, but not in the countries where the money (currently) is. The Next Web has an article on dotMobi's report on platform use in browsing. It focuses on iOS and Android, and reiterates that Android accounts for more page views globally than iOS, but does this through countries where iOS isn't a focus/viable consumer product. iOS markets where there's opportunity to maintain profits.
Why we should care: iOS continues to be a strong performer in markets that monetize well, notably the US and Western Europe (and Australia, but they're way over there). Revenue initiatives should be taken with that in mind for all products and services that focus on mobile.

iOS7 adoption is... impressive. Apple's reporting around 90% adoption of iOS7, while the latest version of Android is around 10%. It's not quite apples-to-apples, and Google is introducing "incentives" to get OEMs to push KitKat updates for older devices, but fragmentation and all the fun the legacy it brings will continue to dog Google when pushing new features out.
Why we should care: This isn't really news, but it's a good, continued overview of the challenges Android poses to Google in getting the latest and greatest vs. iOS. It's a little different in the markets Google cares about, but it's still a challenge.

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28 Release Looks Good:

  • No spikes of any specific feedback categories
  • 25% increase in negative sync feedback (~1.0% -> ~1.3%). We think that this is probably due to increased usage (snippet). There appears to be fewer complaints about the set up process.

Sent out Hub suggestions[[1]] based on recent non-version-specific feedback

Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark and Deb

Roadmap update

Read only

  • Nothing new this week, but Deb's working on rejigging the Feature funnel & Roadmap structure. More to come.


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