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Truncated agenda today - 30 mins max, but less is also ok.

Hot Items

  • Looks like fixes for gfx regressions: bug 988370 - Regression: position: fixed element corruption when panning and (uplift to Fx30) and Bug 983208 - Regression: Panning and zooming yields flickering and or vanishing content have landed BUT, these are still open (and being worked on):
    • bug 988882 - Regression: fixed position header and site interaction broken on DuckDuckGo Goodies; content hidden behind the address-bar
    • bug 989278 - Scrolled page in Readermode produces banner strip artifact
    • bug 986991 - Text entry fields 'refreshing' in weird manner
  • I'm populating this but I need some ideas,
  • Reviews for sync are positive (I'm not going to cover other ones)"
    • "Beta is awesome!!! I'm in love with Firefox again. I got so tired of syncing devices the old way. Having a sign-in option was what we needed to take care of that. I'm using Firefox on a daily basis again."
    • "Sync Issues The new sync works but when you try to share a tab it generates a pairing code. And as you know pairing codes are not supported on this version, So tab sharing is broken now. plz fix"
    • "Major Improvement! The beta keeps all my history and things in sync! I like that I now can add unlimited devices to my account!!"
    • "Thank you. At least someone is trying to back the user instead of exploiting us for ad money. Thanks, Mozilla."
  • PMM is working on bug 987208