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Hot items/Roadmap update


  • 29.0.1 respin: send tab, crasher, charset

NEW! Goals check in

Deb, Mark, Brad, Ian

  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: Firefox Hub - initial version shipped in GA with 2 add-ons (Fx30) and initial Tiles-like functionality with full telemetry probes (Fx31) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: User support - contextual tips (Fx32) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [NEW] first-run tips (Fx33) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [NEW] Firefox on Android: Startup performance - instrument and start measuring WebApp startup performance [dria, blassey]
  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: Tablets - Complete design spec for tabbed browsing refresh [dria, ibarlow]
  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: Search widget (Fx33) [dria, ibarlow, minkle]
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Quick Share Provider functionality including support for defaults via distributions (Fx31) [dria, mfinkle]

Insights & Metrics






Firefox for Android has been a relatively stable on the Feedback side of things.

Compared to the version 28 release [1]:


  • the total / percent of performance feedback complaints is down (4% / 17%)
  • the total / percent of video feedback complaints is down (14% / 26%)
  • positive feedback is slightly up/stable in Google Play and up in Input


  • the total/percent of sync complaints is up (292% / 336%)
    • lots of complaints due to the 'Send to tab' feature being disabled [fixed in 29.0.1]
    • many users are still reporting issues with set up and the delay between devices
  • the total/percent of seemingly lost/confused is up [2] (160% / 140%)

[1] numbers from a from a regex-based search of input, so they should only be viewed as a noisy heuristic

[2] these numbers are less accurate due to more ambiguous language used in these types of complaints.



  • World Cup Add-on: Started the AMO listing process with Greg Jost | Due to receive description and assets to finalize AMO listing
  • Firefox/ Launcher: still on hold pending internal decisions to be made | re-scheduled weekly meetings with Neta Dumai at to stay on track | Launch timeline undefined
  • Firefox Loop/WebRTC: BD and legal team in final negotiations | Project on Fx 34 timeline (Nov 25 commercial date)| MLP in Nightly end of May | Support for mobile browser not in MLP timeline |
  • Humble Bundle Desktop promotion: working with Bill Maggs on HB browser gaming campaign | Mobile not currently but if we have a good story to put forward will be happy to advocate

Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark and Deb


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