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Hot items/Roadmap update

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Goals check in

Deb, Mark, Brad, Ian

  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: Firefox Hub - initial version shipped in GA with 2 add-ons (Fx30) and initial Tiles-like functionality with full telemetry probes (Fx31) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: User support - contextual tips (Fx32) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [NEW] first-run tips (Fx33) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [NEW] Firefox on Android: Startup performance - instrument and start measuring WebApp startup performance [dria, blassey]
  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: Tablets - Complete design spec for tabbed browsing refresh [dria, ibarlow]
  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: Search widget (Fx33) [dria, ibarlow, minkle]
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Quick Share Provider functionality including support for defaults via distributions (Fx31) [dria, mfinkle]



  • Ali and I made a prototype for the Fennec dashboard, with fake data. Now that the FHR data has been tested and deorphaned we can actually begin to cobble together scripts to load this with real data. Deb sent us some feedback on this already, but any and all other feedback is welcome. This thing should be iterated on.:
  • No other news at the moment. We will keep you abreast of things as they develop.





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Daily Feedback Sample (Rob and Mark) - Please let me know if there's something else you'd like to see here. Mark and Deb suggested that a sampled cross-section of feedback is most actionable.



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