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Roadmap & Hot items

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Any status changes to the following?

  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Firefox Hub - initial version shipped in GA with 2 add-ons (Fx30)
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Initial Tiles-like functionality with full telemetry probes (Fx31 MISSED 31, now targeting Fx32) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: User support - contextual tips (Fx32) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [MISSED] Firefox on Android: First-run experience (Fx33) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Startup performance - instrument and start measuring WebApp startup performance [dria, snorp, blassey]
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Tablets - Complete design spec for tabbed browsing refresh [dria, ibarlow]
  • [MISSED] Firefox on Android: Search widget (Fx33) [dria, ibarlow, minkle]
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Quick Share Provider functionality including support for defaults via distributions (Fx31) [dria, mfinkle]




Worth a Read

  • Google IO is this week, and starts on Wed Jun 25th. Many keynotes are streamed. Will be worth the watch, and the schedule is here.
  • Amazon finally launched its Fire phone, bolstering its connected device portfolio. It's an AT&T exclusive, is about the same price as an iPhone, and has a one-click buy button. Not expected to sell large volumes, but continues to round out Amazon's HW offerings, and Bezos talked about why they did it. They're also offering incentives to developers for apps that take advantage of the Fire phone's differentiating hardware and software.


  • Nokia/MS is launching an upgrade in its X line, including a $130 X2 which includes a larger screen, double the RAM, a 1.2Ghz dual core CPU, and Dual SIM capability, and even adds a capacitive home button.
  • Starting to see changes in Chromium that will likely be announced this week, including new UX elements in Chrome in line with Google's Quantum Paper unified design initiative, some of which can already be seen in things like Google's Web Starter Kit.
  • Yahoo! releases its Aviate home screen replacement app
  • Google Play revenue continues to grow, starts to shed stigma of having apps that people won't pay for (although the Freemium model is driving revgen). Gaming is the big rev driver in the space
  • Nest acquires Dropcam, strengthening Google's position (while still keeping an arm's length on Nest) in connected home devices. Expect more of this.


Roland (Rob in D3 workshop)


Arcadio Silent Update:

  • Add-on: 5,700 downloads; 6800 average daily users
  • Google Play stats: holding steady at 23,868,049 current installs by users | Current ratings: 4.34 average daily rating on June 23; down from 4.41 on June 18
  • Share Fennec campaign: will reachout individually this week for next steps

Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark & Karen

Onboarding strategy proposal

Yuan will show a draft proposal of onboarding strategy on Fennec [15-20 mins]