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Roadmap update

  • Fx33 items

Hot items


  • MozStumbler - status, targets, etc.
    • [nalexander] From where I sit, we're ready to land, compile time turned off.
  • Search Activity - status, targets, etc.
    • [nalexander] We've landed, compile time turned off. We have fixes in the works and need to get feedback on stability ASAP, hopefully this cycle. What bases need covering before and immediately after we turn this on?
  • Anything else?

Goals check in

Mark & Karen

  • [ON TRACK] Create and enable downloadable distributions in Fx33 (GRO, REV)
  • [ON TRACK] Improve on-boarding experience. Minimal projects landing in Fx33. Additional projects landing in Fx34 (GRO)
  • [ON TRACK] Search activity & widget. Feature will be enabled in in pre-release channels. Won't ride trains to release until it's better than MVP. (GRO, REV)
  • [ON TRACK] Explore productization of Janus, a proxy system for data compression and privacy. Deliverable is a go/no-go decision and a product plan (if it's a 'go'). (ECO, REV)


Something to Think About

Google continues to improve its l10n efforts, releasing 13 new languages for Gmail and raising the total to 71, covering 94% of the internet population. They continue to add locales to its Search UI as well as Search results language, and have announced improvements to localization support in Google Now (some of which have since been delayed) and other products.
Why we should care: Localization of our products has always been a strong point, but Google (and others) continue to close the gap and extend language support in all of its products, including Android, Play, and its core services. We should continue to focus on l10n support, and look at where we can continue to innovate/tailor our experiences from a regional standpoint.

Worth a Read



Rob & Roland

Non-Verbal (Rob and Roland in conference)

Feedback from past 2 weeks has no new outliers and the same top issues:



Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark & Karen


Post-meeting: Funnel run thru