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Roadmap & Funnel update


Hot items


  • Casting / mirroring prep - highlight to SUMO that it's coming and action to Marketing (Arcadio) to prepare in-product messaging (shout if help is required). Document is created to capture outstanding items.
    • Risk in riding the trains in terms of overall stability and quality, with focus on tab mirroring (it's virtually an untested feature)
    • If we uplift this to beta, need a plan to keep it from moving into release [need to remove it from beta 2 weeks prior to release and have it included in Fx 34 beta] -> applies to both features, although tab mirroring more 'at risk' than casting

Goals check in

Mark & Karen

  • [DONE] Create and enable downloadable distributions in Fx33 (GRO, REV)
  • [ON TRACK] Improve on-boarding experience. Minimal projects landing in Fx33. Additional projects landing in Fx34 (GRO)
  • [DONE] Search activity & widget. Feature will be enabled in in pre-release channels. Won't ride trains to release until it's better than MVP. (GRO, REV)
  • [AT RISK] Explore productization of Janus, a proxy system for data compression and privacy. Deliverable is a go/no-go decision and a product plan (if it's a 'go'). (ECO, REV)


Something to Think About

According to The Information, Google is readying services for the under-13 space. At it's heart, Google's initiative looks to address the vast, but protected, market of kids by tailoring its services for them, as well as giving their parents control (and the peace of mind implied control brings) over them. From Google's perspective, it's a way to show value to both the kids and their parents while adding value and loyalty to the Google brand.
Why we should care: Establishing brand loyalty early has been a tactic employed by many companies including Sun Microsystems, Apple, Microsoft, and others. Google continues to push across all markets/spaces, and is positioning itself as the lens through which people see the Internet regardless of who they are, where they are, or what they're doing. It's important that we continue to advocate openness, and ensure that open access to content and services is promoted/available.

Worth a Read

  • The Mobile OS Paradigm, a solid post on the differences between different platforms, most notably mobile and desktop, and how those contribute to a Mobile OS paradigm (e.g. what Mobile OSes need to be).
  • Boingo released it's "State of Airport Wireless" report from Q1 2014 (full report). It's weighted heavily to NA, and is a few months old, but gives interesting breakdowns on user demographics, platforms, and what people are using WiFi for (showing they're doing either transparent proxy analysis or DPI). High points are mobile accounts for 3/4 of usage, consumption of content is the biggest use case and, interestingly, social isn't mentioned as a stand-alone category, which probably skews things (or can't be reported on reliably). It's a very quick look.




Weekly Release Summary


Google Play Store

  • Installs by User: 24,967, 422
  • 2% increase MOM
  • Daily Uninstalls by User outpacing Installs consistently July 17 - August 17
  • Rating: 4.4 (4.36 in GP console)

Fennec Features Video Promotion on Social Media

  • 8/14: Launched Firefox for Android video campaign on Twitter
  • Small paid promotion showcasing key features of the product
  • Initial reporting show engagement levels of 2.48%

Planned Activities Re-vamping messaging to focus on great new features and browser personalization

  • Sync page to focus on Fennec -> desktop relationship
  • Google Play
  • Website

Re-engaging Firefox audience through owned media with robust and consistent share of voice


  • Messaging on GP and Owned media: sprinting to September
  • Website: targeting October


Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark & Karen