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Roadmap & Funnel update


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Mark & Karen

  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Ship new Search Activity for Android in Fx35.
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Establish a GTM plan for project 105 v1 release, including deployment, marketing and required Cloud Services resources.
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Agree on joint Android launcher & lock screen plan for a Beta Launch in Q1, including fulfillment of all assets and UX flows as required
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Add required content server metrics for tracking Suggested Sites in Fx35
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Land a set of client-side password improvements (for FxAccounts) in Fx36


Something to Think About

Primecast, an app whose sole purpose was to stream Amazon video content to a Chromecast device, was shut down within two days of launch this week. The application was rendered useless by Amazon shortly after release through a server-side change to the API (likely authentication) and, given the quick shutdown of the app, was probably accompanied by a legal request to knock it off. The example highlights the proprietary nature of high-value content that uses the web as a transport mechanism, and how protective companies can be of their services.
Why we should care: Integration with service providers who may not be willing or aware is hard. They control the keys to the service, and can have a strong sense of ownership. It's a story that continues to be repeated, with organizations closing doors after discovery (or as they start seeing more value in the features other orgs unlock, ohai Twitter) and no real commitment on maintaining access. Strong partner relationships are essential, even if it's simply a friendly hello to let people know what you're thinking about doing.

Worth a Read

  • Yup, more Lollipops. Business Insider had a great interview with Android's VP eng, Hiroshi Lockheimer, covering what they're trying to accomplish. Lockheimer's answers to questions reinforce the idea of ubiquitous access to your stuff via whatever screen you happen to be in front of, better alignment internally with management changes, and establishing a tighter rein on Android in general.
  • AVG released a report last week identifying apps and games that hog resources. It's gives info on service resource hogs, execution resource hogs, storage higs, bad battery performers, and popular apps in the study as a whole and in the US, UK, and AU separately. Firefox for Android is mentioned in the top ten for storage use, and the report gives some insight into top apps, bad actors, and mitigation strategies. It also shows how much data companies are pulling from a user's phone.





  • Nothing very big; I've highlighted some minor but interesting/recurring pieces of feedback.


  • Single user reporting the touch offset bug in 34.
  • Nothing else very big; I've highlighted some minor but interesting/recurring pieces of feedback.



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