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Roadmap & Funnel update


Hot items

  • MP3 & MP4 on Android L
  • 50% increase in uninstall rate on Nexus 5

Goals check in

Mark & Karen

  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Ship new Search Activity for Android in Fx35.
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Establish a GTM plan for project 105 v1 release, including deployment, marketing and required Cloud Services resources.
  • [AT RISK] FxMobile: Agree on joint Android launcher & lock screen plan for a Beta Launch in Q1, including fulfillment of all assets and UX flows as required
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Add required content server metrics for tracking Suggested Sites in Fx35
  • [AT RISK] FxMobile: Land a set of client-side password improvements (for FxAccounts) in Fx36



Worth a Read

  • The Chrome Dev Summit 2014 Keynote is available on Youtube and is worth a watch. It starts with an overview of how Chrome now has 400MM actives, and a refocusing on web content as a first-class citizen. It feels somewhat odd until you realize where ad networks play into the web, but it's a good overview of a lot of the items we've covered on Lollipop, and how Google is looking at using Chrome as yet another lens. Lots of other good stuff from the Summit as well if you're interested.
  • I include this as an item of interest mainly because of how this article is pitched - Flashlight Apps that don't need more permissions than required. It's not something you typically see, and is a privacy interest piece.






  • Starting to get some Android L feedback (Ctrl+F "Lollipop" to find my comments)
  • Continued click offsets/not registered
  • 2 users claim that the tab page is empty and/or unresponsive


  • Starting to get some Android L feedback (Ctrl+F "Lollipop" to find my comments)
  • Continued click offsets/not registered
  • Single user commenting on "New UI" (I assume tablet work)


User-Advocacy will be presenting 2 major products, please ping or email rrayborn@ if you'd like to attend or more info about either:

  1. Desktop Telemetry Dashboard - a dashboard for viewing changes in Firefox usage for 1 or 2 arbitrary weeks/versions for a given channel/version/OS (rrayborn's latest project :) )
  2. Desktop Heartbeat - a system to universally survey Firefox users in-browser for a less biased/broader sentiment/feedback system.



Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark & Karen