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Roadmap & Funnel update


Hot items


  • What are the next steps for figuring out "Send tab to" stuff bug 1098303?
  • Quick review of Task Continuity meeting last week (mostly to catch Deb up)
    • What conclusions were come to?
    • Are there bugs filed?
    • Should we get another meeting on the books before the holiday?
  • Anything else of note from Mozlandia that we should chat about?

Goals check in

Mark & Karen

  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Ship new Search Activity for Android in Fx35.
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Establish a GTM plan for project 105 v1 release, including deployment, marketing and required Cloud Services resources.
  • [AT RISK] (should be [DROPPED] ?) FxMobile: Agree on joint Android launcher & lock screen plan for a Beta Launch in Q1, including fulfillment of all assets and UX flows as required
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Add required content server metrics for tracking Suggested Sites in Fx35
  • [AT RISK] FxMobile: Land a set of client-side password improvements (for FxAccounts) in Fx36


Kev - no Kev today




  • Google Play Beta ratings have fallen due to a vocal group of users upset about: 1) the search widget, 2) the search provider change, and 3) [minor] the search UI changes. These issue are less dominant in Input.
  • Expect an Android L report by EOD (future link) with ratings information, uninstall rates, crash rates, and top user-reported issues.


  • Nothing major
  • 2 reports of missing menu button
  • 2 reports that browser won't launch (without clearing all browser information)


  • [Beta] A decent amount of negative feedback around the search app
  • [Aurora] Lot's of reports of elements rendering as black rectangles



Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark & Karen