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Search Update


Roadmap & Funnel update



  • Fennec Trello Tracking List
    • Note - This is a new format for Trello for Android. If you've seen the iOS board it will look familiar. It is much simpler as all Roadmap/Funnel components have been removed to Aha! and releases are filtered by tags.
    • It's merge day! Go/No Go discussions.
    • Run down on nightly feature dev status (if time permits)
  • Fennec Roadmap in Aha!
    • Note - this is brand new. Karen has moved the management of the Roadmap/Funnel into Aha! to be consistent with other product areas. New ideas will now need to be added here rather than in Trello. A link will be added here for the idea submission portal once available. Aha! and Trello are linked so status of features in Aha! gets updated automatically as features progress through the phase-lists in Trello.


Hot items


  • OTA distributions aren't working in Germany (but it does work in the US)
  • Need to confirm hot fixes work because we're releasing GMP without a real sandbox
  • Adjust SDK - big risk for Fx 38

Goals check in

Mark & Karen

  • [DONE] Develop Firefox for iOS into a state ready to enter beta with a supporting roadmap thru 2015
  • [DONE] Integrate Reader / Reading List into the supporting Services API for testing across Firefox Accounts / Firefox browsers (iOS, Android)
  • [DONE] Polish the 'send tab' experience across Firefox mobile browsers
  • [DONE] Implement mobile search enhancements in collaboration with Yahoo! (v1 as currently targeted to Fx36)



[Out this morning]


  • Nothing major


  • Nothing interesting, no full report this week, watching Input/Play for early 37 feedback this week.



Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark & Karen