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Search Update


Roadmap & Funnel update


  • Fennec Trello Tracking List
  • Fennec Roadmap in Aha!
    • t-shirt sizing of funnel items - lets save this exercise for the end of the agenda
    • 40, 41, 42 - S, M, L for now, considering both size and complexity
    • Basically the idea to make sure that the items we've identified as a lot of work get the right level of attention paid, early enough!

Hot items

  • OTA Distribution issue - Margaret was able to reproduce. Looking into it.

Goals check in

  • Q2 Goals need to be added!

Mark & Karen

  • [ON TRACK] Develop Firefox for iOS into a state ready to enter beta with a supporting roadmap thru 2015
  • [AT RISK] Integrate Reader / Reading List into the supporting Services API for testing across Firefox Accounts / Firefox browsers (iOS, Android)
  • [ON TRACK] Polish the 'send tab' experience across Firefox mobile browsers
  • [ON TRACK] Implement mobile search enhancements in collaboration with Yahoo! (v1 as currently targeted to Fx36)




  • Nothing major


  • Nothing major
  • Nightly/Aurora have almost no feedback this week



Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark & Karen


  • [Gemma] Finished the first round of Task Continuity research. A larger session will be booked to go thru the findings.