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  • Permissions Bumps - necessity vs impact

Goals check in

Mark & Karen
Q3 Goals

Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • Funnel review yesterday
    • 'FXA Connected Reading List' & 'Integrate Home Feeds add-on into a built-in home panel' were both tagged as a P1 for investigation
    • 'Hello support' has been moved into the 42 timeline.
    • 'Surface handover to native apps more intuitively', 'Opening links in a safe environment' & 'Better handling of app hand-offs when in Private Browsing' moved out of 42 and into the P1 list for now.
    • 'Click to view images' was moved out of 42, and is currently holding as a P1. Currently an add-on that needs UX and further testing.
    • 'Control Centre' card was removed from 42, as the Mobile incarnation of this is actually the culmination of several other features.
    • 'Voice Integration' holding on nightly - moved to 42
    • 'password management ui' also moved to 42

iOS Happenings

  • Didn't quite make string freeze on Friday but hoping to do the export today. Waited to include 'view later' before finalizing string export.
  • Triage has now moved to a twice-weekly cadence to work toward burning down our tracked bugs before launch
    • 20 nominations today, and as of end of triage there were 60 tracked items.

Partner review

In-meeting updates from Mark & Karen
Status can be found on Mana

Search Update





Will be writing/sending the next iOS Pre-Release survey this week. Please email me with specific areas to address. I'll be starting this conversation via email today.


  • Very little feedback due to release delay/release week
  • Nothing of note
  • Release
  • Pre-Release






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