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Hot items


  • [BB] On-going tracking protection check-in
    • SUMO page articles currently reviewed, scheduled to be published mid October
    • Tracking of "open in PB tab" should be ok (by legal), run by smedberg as well
  • [BB] On-going Project Family-friendly browsing check-in
    • Met to discuss phase 2
    • Move user stories in Aha
    • Topic also for UX week in Toronto
  • [KR] FxOS TV implementation - agreed that add-on is the best approach and looking to ensure we provide the guidance and support needed to have it available in time for CES (this would include any new add-on API work, which can land in a pre-release channel for CES if required)
  • [KR] Adjust SDK in iOS

Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • Family friendly browsing Phase 2 planning
  • General First Run A/B work is done, remaining "import bookmark" work to be completed
  • Set as home page / how to trigger home page discussion this week
  • Present Pocket / Connected reading list mocks to engineering
  • FxOS TV meta
  • Hello update
  • Ceasing support of the T-Store as an alternate store (lining up ducks)

iOS Happenings

  • [JC] iOS game plan for the global release
    • We need to ensure we include milestones other than engineering in our master schedule. Any marketing, comms, legal, sumo etc... 'gotchas' that we learned from with V1. Examples: localized meta data, timelines for final approval of blog posts
    • Meeting invite is going out for this week, based on those contacts involved previously. If you'd like to be included please let Jenn know!
  • [MP] iOS v2 planning

Partner review

In-meeting updates
Status can be found on Mana





In work week. Nothing notable on a quick scan of Android and iOS





  • [KR] We're getting help to build out a more recent 'competitive landscape' with the strategy & insights team in conjunction with a high-level feature-facing functionality comparison for both iOS and Android
  • [KR] There's a proposal on the table to run a similar survey that was done for iOS but on Android, in part to get an NPS score and find the highs & lows across a larger group
  • [KR] Also diving into trying to put some meat around user feedback on desktop's implementation of Pocket so we can learn what we can from it


Android Notable Links

iOS Notable Links


Q3 Goals