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Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • EOL Honeycomb
  • Onboarding mocks in review
  • Connected offline experience and bookmark improvements: split work into smaller pieces, work has started
  • Family-friendly browsing:
  • Suggested sanitize methods approved by legal/policy for inline autocompletion on top Alexa websites
  • AHA improvements (new "competitive stance" field, and target release columns (47/48 etc.))

Focus for this week:

  • Confirm string for onboarding
  • Confirm onboarding story and slides
  • Bookmarks & Migrating RL
  • Splitting up Meta bug regarding web content subscription card

iOS Happenings

  • Latest status report can be found here
  • Firefox for iOS v1.4 launched. The release was coordinated with Mozilla China and included several changes for Chinese market (different set of search engines, Firefox sync server integration and modified top sites)
  • Prep work for Firefox for iOS v2.0 launch - team is finishing features, localization underway. The release will have a content page highlighting how to use new features like 3D touch, Password manager and Find in Page.
  • TestFlight build for v2.0 expected this week. The team is doing improvements and cleanup of users who stopped downloading and testing the app.
  • Team is targeting feature complete this Friday, Jan 22nd. Most features have already been declared. Bookmark sync is risky - want to ensure it's 'really' ready.
  • PR is suggesting we delay by a few days to avoid conflicts....Any objections?

Partner review

In-meeting updates: Francisco
Status can be found on Mana



User Research


  • Flying to Toronto (No office hours today.)

Marketing / Growth

Mike / Alex

  • Mobile Durable Team




Feature Demos

Android Demos

iOS Demos

  • Password Manager - Steph
  • Spotlight integration - James
  • Peek & Pop & 3D Touch -Emily


Android Notable Links

iOS Notable Links

2016 Goals