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Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

Last week:

  • Whitelist consideration and discussion for FFB
  • Review and discuss UX mocks for Onboarding
  • Created onboarding A/B test template
  • Brainstormed about content updates for users and potential prototype

iOS Happenings

  • Firefox for iOS v2.0 build 3- available for testing. Spread the word and get your hands on new features like Find in Page, password manager, 3D touch gestures and spotlight integration.
    • Feature Complete declared Jan 22nd. See here for target submission, and Plan A & B release dates.
  • Feedback roll-up on navigation and UX related requests. Looking at introducing Menu and improving tab interactions.
  • FF for iOS moving to 6-week release cycle, each release will be a mix of new features and bug fixes.
    • V3.0 used to move us to t his cycle. See Here for high level dates.
  • Key measures for iOS going forward: Installs, App store ratings, NPS (or equivalent) score, Quality (crashes), 1D, 7D, 28D Churn

Partner review

In-meeting updates: Francisco
Status can be found on Mana





User Research


  • Office Hours:
    • 2015 User Research Overview: I’ll be going through a (very) high-level report of some of the most important research findings from 2015. I won’t take the full hour, so I’m happy to answer any other questions people have with the remaining time.
  • Workflows Research Update:
    • Field team: Set and travel is being booked.
    • Experience Sampling: Launches tomorrow.
    • Workflows Survey: Launches early next week.
    • NEXT: Drafting Interview Guide. If you have Workflows related questions that you do not see here, please get in touch with me!





  • Physical Web / Eddystone beacons available to play with

Feature Demos

Android Demos

iOS Demos

  • Peek & Pop & 3D Touch -Emily
  • View Later - Richard


Android Notable Links

iOS Notable Links


H1 Product Guidance