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Hot items


Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • Progressive Apps status and resource alignments for Fennec
  • Planning to publish blog post by end of this week
  • Review results from FFB questionnaire
  • Planning First run stories for 48
Metrics corner
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.07.50 AM.png

(Screenshots action is steadily growing vs. quickshare)

iOS Happenings


  • v2.1 reactions:
    • "Thanks for adding support for this party keyboards"
    • "Can't believe they fixed the issue that i complained about in just one update"
    • "Third party keyboards enabled again so the developers can now have their 5 star cookie back"
  • "Location" discussions in the context of Mobile and activity stream - define use cases and implementation plan
  • Menu, Tab management and Home page - design reviews (Meeting with Moz China to finalize "Home" experience)
  • Tightening up release dates, marketing and PR around v3.0
  • v4.0 - ongoing prioritization


  • V3.0
    • latest testflight build has sync data probes. Decision on enabling bidirectional TBD
    • L10N cutoff EOD Sunday March 20 - 43/61 ready to ship with 5 days remaining
    • Submission March 22
  • V4.0
    • FC Target - April 5th, Submission Target - May 3rd
  • PSA - attendance still a bit low on the cross-functional meeting. Please make this a priority as we are closing in on V3.0 quickly. If you cannot attend, please provide a written update - either to me, or in the agenda doc!

Feature Focus

If not already discussed above, a quick check on selected key projects:

  • Migrating Reading List from a home panel to bookmarks: working away
  • First-run tour: planned out 46, and starting to work on 48 plans
  • Activity stream: Anthony has started to work on designs
  • Monitoring / notifying Web for new content: should and something with Switchboard this week

Partner review

In-meeting updates: Francisco
Status can be found on Mana



User Research






Feature Demos

Android Demos

iOS Demos

  • Combine History-related panels - design walk-through


Android Notable Links

iOS Notable Links