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Hot items


Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • Next steps re: Heartbeat on Fennec, find use cases
  • Hashed out some H2 tasks for Fennec
  • Offline browsing discussion with UX (and meta triage)
  • Feature-focused onboarding briefing re: metrics

Metrics Corner

Default suggested tiles (Top Alexa)

  • Beta (Longitudinal analysis):


  • Release (Longitudinal analysis): Screen+Shot+2016-05-02+at+8.38.40+PM.png



  • Bookmark-history-menu: Display "History" and "Bookmarks" menu items in 3-dot menu.
    • On for nightly, beta and release populations (Min 0, Max 100)


  • Offline-cache: Try to load pages from disk cache when network is offline.
    • On for nightly and beta populations (Min 0, Max 100)
  • Search-term: Show search mode (instead of home panels) when tapping on urlbar if there is a search term in the urlbar.
    • On for nightly and beta populations (Min 0, Max 100)

Nightly only

  • Content-notifications-12hrs: Enable content notifications and check for updates every 12 hours at random times based on app start.
    • On for 25% of nightly population (Min 25, Max 50)
  • Content-notifications-8am: Enable content notifications and check for updates every day at 8 am.
    • On for 25% of nightly population (Min 50, Max 75)
  • Content-notifications-5pm: Enable content notifications and check for updates every day at 5 pm.
    • On for 25% of nightly population (Min 75, Max 100)
  • Promote-add-to-homescreen with a minimum number of visits = 5
    • On for 50% of the nightly population (Min 50, Max 100)

Not yet active

  • Whatsnew-notification: Show a "What's new" notification when the browser updates. Tapping on this notification will open a new tab with a SUMO article about what is new in Firefox.
  • Malware-download-protection: Enable malware download protection.

iOS Happenings

  • FF for iOS v4.0 submission this week (includes Core Temeletry ping)
  • Finalize main features in FF for iOS v5.0; discuss options for bi-directional bookmarks sync
  • Cleanup Aha backlog (P1-P3 cards) and prioritize features for "Target Next" (v6.0 and beyond)
  • H2 initiatives and feature card breakdown
  • Latest Status Report is Here
    • V4.0 Submission pushed by 2 days to Thursday, May 5th to allow for sufficient QA on RC Build
    • App Review Time is currently being reported at 3 days
    • V5.0 Feature Complete target is May 17th
    • V5.0 Submission target is June 14th

Feature Focus

If not already discussed above, a quick check on selected key projects:

  • Migrating Reading List from a home panel to bookmarks: some remaining items
  • First-run tour: Meeting scheduled to brief Chenxia of next steps
  • Activity stream: nothing new :/
  • Monitoring / notifying Web for new content: update system notification as discussed

Partner review

In-meeting updates: Karen
Status can be found on Mana




Our server + add-on version of Heartbeat is live on Desktop this week (all channels). It currently serves notifications/star rating questions with basic config targeting (channel, version, geo). All tests look good. We're currently working on recipe configs for behavior-based recipes (Telemetry watching functions).

Per mobile, I sent out one update last week to the draft product plan. Will send out a next steps doc after a meeting with Karen this morning.

Release Feedback

Didn't see anything exceptional. I'll be sending out an email once I've classified the feedback, but feel free to go ahead and look over the raw data.

User Research


[Non-verbal update]

  • Workflows
    • Reporting
  • Tofino
    • Participatory Design: Currently interviewing consulting firms. See RFP here if you're curious.
    • Prepping for 5/16 work week in Vancouver.
  • Hiring
    • (If you haven't already done so) Please welcome Amy Lee to the Mobile UX Team!!
    • Lots of UX Design and User Research interviews. We have two research candidates in Toronto next week for on-sites.
  • General
    • The UX Team has been asked to cap their meetings at 20 hr/week. I'm currently at 27.5 hr/week, so apologies if you see a bit less of me in the next few weeks as I try to handle all these interviews and still do some actual work each week!





Feature Demos

Android Demos

iOS Demos

  • Combined History & Synced Tabs panels [Bryan]
  • Menu/Toolbar updates [Steph]
  • Support 3rd Party Search Engines [Farhan]


Android Notable Links

iOS Notable Links