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Hot items


Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • New program manager: Shilpi Gupta
  • Custom Tabs meeting with Chrome team
  • Heartbeat meeting to discuss use case
  • First-run feature-focused eng work can start
  • Contextual hints requirements document
  • Setup dashboard for content notifications experiment (need to confirm with data expert team :)), need more data
Metrics Corner
  • Content Notifications experiment (Mozilla login required)
  • Engagement rate (clicked (!= loaded) vs. shown ): 17%
  • Engagement rate (new probe since 05/06): "Read now" clicked vs. shown: 13%
  • 34% of subscribed users disabled features, 35% of the ones disabled, turned the setting back on

(Source) --> Heartbeat

  • Start of engagement dashboard based on Core Ping data
    • Android and iOS supported
    • Active Users and Engagement Ratios


No change from last week


  • Bookmark-history-menu: Display "History" and "Bookmarks" menu items in 3-dot menu.
    • On for nightly, beta and release populations (Min 0, Max 100)


  • Offline-cache: Try to load pages from disk cache when network is offline.
    • On for nightly and beta populations (Min 0, Max 100)
  • Search-term: Show search mode (instead of home panels) when tapping on urlbar if there is a search term in the urlbar.
    • On for nightly and beta populations (Min 0, Max 100)

Nightly only

Not yet active

  • Whatsnew-notification: Show a "What's new" notification when the browser updates. Tapping on this notification will open a new tab with a SUMO article about what is new in Firefox.
  • Malware-download-protection: Enable malware download protection.

iOS Happenings

  • FF for iOS v4.0 approved.
  • FF for iOS v5.0 to include: New Menu design, Improved Tab interaction, Combined History and Synced tabs panels, Ability to set a start page, Support adding 3rd party search engines
  • Pending decision on including bi-directional bookmark sync
  • High priority for Target next: Keyboard shortcuts, Keyboard issues for other languages, Choose logins to fill, More Telemetry probes
  • Latest Status Report is available HERE
    • V4.0 Release plan adjusted by one day to avoid conflict with other product release activities
  • V5.0 FC Target is approaching next Tuesday, May 17th - keep an eye out for communication around Testflight

Feature Focus

If not already discussed above, a quick check on selected key projects:

  • Migrating Reading List from a home panel to bookmarks
  • First-run tour: as mentioned, we went over requirements, eng work can now start
  • Activity stream: more mocks around top sites which can feed into AS
  • Monitoring / notifying Web for new content: dashboard setup

Partner review

In-meeting updates: Karen
Status can be found on Mana


Rob (Not in meeting; see some of you at 10/10:30)

First 2 weeks feedback - nothing exceptional

User Research


[Non-verbal update]

  • Workflows
    • Reporting. Presenting in Vancouver to the Tofino team next week. Will present broadly after that.
  • Tofino
    • Participatory Design: Currently interviewing consulting firms. See RFP here if you're curious.
    • Consultant proposals due tomorrow. Selection by Friday.
    • Prepping for 5/16 work week in Vancouver.
  • Hiring
    • Lots of UX Design and User Research interviews. We have three research candidates in Toronto this week for on-sites.





  • Introductions
    • Shilpa
    • Amy
    • Tyler
    • Others?
  • H2 Product Guidance draft
  • [MP] Maria is at Apps World North America Wed & Thurs this week

Feature Demos

Android Demos

iOS Demos


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