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Allow the user to use Find-in-page functionality.

Current Status

  • Landed main functionality

Next Steps

Related Bugs

  • bug 541817 - Fennec needs find in page functionality (CTRL+F)
  • bug 580213 - Enhance look of Form Assistant and Find-in-Page


  • Developer: vivien
  • Designer: madhava


  • "Find in page" Should be initiated from the Site Menu
  • superimpose a toolbar -- ideally not full screen-width?
  • early design, still mostly accurate in terms of function provided:
  • zoom in on results (similar to FormHelper)?
  • something that would BE REALLY GREAT would be, after a person has done a search through a button on the navigation screen (e.g. google, wikipedia, etc.), would be to take that searched-for string and prefill it, automatically, into the Find-in-page field. It can be highlighted, for easy removal, but this will help round out the use-case of 1. search for "foo", 2. go to search-result page, 3. where on this page is "foo"? (especially if it's hard to read because of the small screen).

Goals/Use Cases

Non Goals