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Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Whiteboard Assigned to
862798 P1 About:home "Saved for later" panel (reading list) RESOLVED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
862801 P1 Create Java UI for home banner RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
862813 P1 Entry points into about:home RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
863347 P1 Remove about:home from preloaded bookmarks RESOLVED fixed-fig Michael Comella (:mcomella) [NI reported issues only: ex-Mozilla]
871021 P1 Compare FragmentPagerAdapter and FragmentStatePagerAdapter implementations for home PagerView RESOLVED fixed-fig, abouthome-hackathon Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
871651 P1 Janky animation to enter editing mode RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
873496 P1 Provider: searches RESOLVED Richard Newman [:rnewman]
876750 P1 Sort out interaction between new about:home and dynamic toolbar RESOLVED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
878134 P1 Use CursorLoaders in the new BookmarksPage RESOLVED good-first-bug-fig
880047 P1 [fig] Kill unused AboutHome code RESOLVED fixed-fig Mark Capella [:capella]
880060 P1 [fig] Update BaseTest to work with new about:home RESOLVED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
881774 P1 Restore domain autocomplete on editing mode RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
882185 P1 Restore opt-in search suggestions UI RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
882715 P1 Implement history sub-fragment in the new about:home RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
882716 P1 Implement "tabs from last session" sub-fragment in the new about:home RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
885084 P1 BookmarksPage should show only the top bookmarks RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
885353 P1 [FIG] creating a new tab should not focus the URL bar or launch keyboard right away RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
885356 P1 [FIG] update tab thumbnails for about:home RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
885363 P1 [FIG] Improve spatial awareness on new about:home RESOLVED
887244 P1 Style list view dividers in new about:home as per design RESOLVED fixed-fig
887268 P1 Open items from "tabs from last time" page on a new tabs RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
887269 P1 Restore "Open all previous tabs" feature in new about:home RESOLVED fixed-fig, abouthome-hackathon Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
887270 P1 Only show the "tabs from last time" button in the "visited" page when appropriate RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
888282 P1 [fig] - Drop focus on the address bar when keyboard is dismissed; too easy to lose tab menu and software menu RESOLVED [fig]
888507 P1 [fig] Thumbnails are busted when upgrading to new about:home RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
888905 P1 Optimize new about:home for tablets RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
889619 P1 [FIG] Transition for creating a new tab from a menu RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon
889620 P1 [FIG] Transition for creating a new tab from the tab tray RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon
889621 P1 [FIG] Transition for tapping the URL bar RESOLVED fixed-fig, abouthome-hackathon Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
889686 P1 [Fig] GeckoBackgroundThread bookmarks crash - Java.lang.IllegalStateException: attempt to re-open an already-closed object RESOLVED [native-crash]
891183 P1 [FIG] Change Title strip to Tabs strip for tablets RESOLVED fixed-fig Shilpan Bhagat
891428 P1 [FIG] Transition for opening 'tabs from last time' and 'history' views RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
891485 P1 [fig] NoSuchMethodError when tapping "History" or "Your tabs from last time" on 2.3 RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
891631 P1 [Fig] Browser toolbar sometimes overlaps about:home content RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
891883 P1 Properly update back stack once HomePager subpage is removed RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
891953 P1 Implement empty screen state for reading list RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Chenxia Liu [:liuche]
892455 P1 [FIG] Crash [@ java.lang.ClassCastException: android.widget.HeaderViewListAdapter at org.mozilla.gecko.home.BookmarksListView.onItemClick( ] RESOLVED [native-crash]
892500 P1 [FIG] Crash [@ java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: getBlob is not supported at android.database.AbstractCursor.getBlob( ] RESOLVED [native-crash],[fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
894077 P1 [FIG] Tablet layout for visited page RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Shilpan Bhagat
894698 P1 [FIG] Tablet layout for reading list page RESOLVED Shilpan Bhagat
895673 P1 [meta] [fig] Fix and re-enable failing tests for new about:home RESOLVED
895816 P1 Tapping "New tab" should immediately create a new tab RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon [fixed-fig] :Margaret Leibovic
895819 P1 [fig] about:home should show the "Visited" tab when triggered from a tap on the URL bar RESOLVED [fixed-fig], abouthome-hackathon Mark Capella [:capella]
895820 P1 Creating a new tab should not trigger editing mode RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon :Margaret Leibovic
895828 P1 URL bar should not always be in focused state in editing mode RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon [fixed-fig] Michael Comella (:mcomella) [NI reported issues only: ex-Mozilla]
895837 P1 Use tabs on bottom for the history panel RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Shilpan Bhagat
895866 P1 Implement empty screen state for 'history' RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Chenxia Liu [:liuche]
895867 P1 Implement empty screen state for 'tabs from last time' RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Chenxia Liu [:liuche]
897162 P1 [Fig] about:home starts up slower on Android 2.3.x RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
897571 P1 [Fig] Urlbar resize for entry is incorrectly rendered VERIFIED Chenxia Liu [:liuche]
897772 P1 [fig] "Add to Home Screen" shortcut doesn't have an icon RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
898648 P1 [FIG] Fade in/ Fade out transitions for sub pages on History Page RESOLVED Shilpan Bhagat
899182 P1 [fig] Re-implement robocop RESOLVED Adrian Tamas (:AdrianT)
899183 P1 [fig] Re-implement robocop RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
899185 P1 [fig] Update - re-implement [Test the share popup in the Bookmarks tab] RESOLVED
899187 P1 [fig] Create new testBookmarksPage test to replace original RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
899393 P1 [fig] Switch-to-tab is broken RESOLVED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
899394 P1 [fig] Tapping a bookmark list item causes the page to scroll to the top RESOLVED fixed-fig Michael Comella (:mcomella) [NI reported issues only: ex-Mozilla]
899463 P1 [fig] Bookmark Edit via context menu causes crash RESOLVED fixed-fig Mark Capella [:capella]
899550 P1 [FIG] The url and the title text are overlapped on Gingerbread and lower devices RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
900107 P1 [fig] Update - re-implement [Test the share popup in the History tab] RESOLVED
900148 P1 [fig] Tapping on search suggestion doesn't do anything RESOLVED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
901766 P1 [fig] testSettingsMenuItems fails with "waitForText timeout on Enter Search" RESOLVED [fixed-fig]
902288 P1 [Fig] Regression: Last tabs no longer displays tabs from previous session RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
903600 P1 [fig] Bookmarks list folder interaction UX is unintuitive RESOLVED Ian Barlow (:ibarlow)
904081 P1 [FIG] Figgy Fennec crashing after Sync is setup RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
904122 P1 [fig] Scrolling on search suggestions page does not dismiss the keyboard RESOLVED fixed-fig Michael Comella (:mcomella) [NI reported issues only: ex-Mozilla]
904172 P1 Refine thumbnail animation RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
904689 P1 Implement empty screen state for "Most Visited" page RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
904691 P1 [FIG] Returning to Fennec with Don't keep activities set results in no history RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
905293 P1 [FIG] Hard to swipe between panels on tablets RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
905316 P1 [Fig] - Awesomescreen thumbnails must only display bookmarks RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
905328 P1 [fig] Remove shadows from the URL toolbar RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
905426 P1 Audit string changes in fig RESOLVED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
905591 P1 Intermittent testVkbOverlap | URL typed properly - got http://mochi.test:8888/tests/robocop/test_viewport.sjs?metadata=initial-scale%3D1.0%2C%20user-scalable%3Dno VERIFIED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
905685 P1 Implement proper asynchronous and incremental favicon loading in the new about:home RESOLVED Nick Alexander :nalexander [he/him]
906041 P1 Newly opened pages replace about:home while editing mode is active VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
906227 P1 LastTabsPage shows "Switch to tab" items but always creates a new tab RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
906230 P1 [fig] reading list pane displayed on phones that do not offer reading mode button RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
906662 P1 Fix openAboutHomeTab to work with the changes to the tablet about:home UI RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Adrian Tamas (:AdrianT)
906668 P1 [fig] Reading list text is cut off on small screens RESOLVED Chenxia Liu [:liuche]
906718 P1 [FIG] Pressing the BACK button no longer moves the user up in the bookmark folder hierarchy RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
907157 P1 [FIG][Tablet] The page title is not correctly positioned after pressing the back button RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
907172 P1 [FIG] The desktop bookmarks are displayed only after app restart RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
907175 P1 [FIG] The wrong tab is highlighted when opening about:home from a tab that has content loaded RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
907192 P1 [FIG] The tab count and page url or title is not updated until exiting edit mode RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
907274 P1 [fig] Disable testVkbOverlap, perma-orange on ARMv6 RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
907624 P1 Intermittent testTabHistory | Page title is correct - got , expected Browser Blank Page 01 VERIFIED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
907720 P1 Intermittent Android tcheck2 | application crashed [@ mozalloc_abort(char const*)] ("java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fragment already added: PinBookmarkDialog{48425208 #3 pin_bookmark}") RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
909618 P1 Remember about:home tab selection VERIFIED Sola Ogunsakin [:sola]
917273 P1 Adding a URL to thumbnails is broken VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic

91 Total; 0 Open (0%); 85 Resolved (93.41%); 6 Verified (6.59%);


Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Whiteboard Assigned to
848242 -- Add support for widget/tiles to homepage customization RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
852312 -- Split AboutHomeContent into smaller views RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
862794 -- About:home "visited" panel RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
862796 -- About:home "bookmarks" panel RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
862799 -- About:home "Add-ons" panel RESOLVED good-first-bug-fig
862806 -- Swipeable panels on about:home RESOLVED fixed-fig
868553 -- Make about:home use a ViewPager RESOLVED fixed-fig Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
869494 -- Add editing mode to browser toolbar RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
871522 -- Factor out EditText bits from BrowserToolbar into a CustomView RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
871639 -- Incorrect title when leaving editing mode while on about:home RESOLVED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
871641 -- Tapping on tab from last session doesn't dismiss editing mode RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
871642 -- Touch home pager should dismiss editing mode RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
871645 -- Consolidate names of browser toolbar's element RESOLVED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
871649 -- Cross-fade between editing and display modes RESOLVED
871650 -- Restore search suggestions support in editing mode RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
871652 -- Add clipboard actionbar support in editing mode RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
872762 -- Add a PagerTabStrip for the HomePager RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
872833 -- Make BrowserToolbar a custom view RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
873579 -- Remove existing about:home view RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
876712 -- Kill AweseomeBar/AwesomeBarTabs RESOLVED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
877870 -- Implement search results in editing mode RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
879979 -- [fig] Disable robocop tests that depend on the awesome screen RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
880393 -- ListView rows in about:home should fade, and not ellipsize RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
881776 -- Editing mode is overriden with "about:home" when started before gecko RESOLVED fixed-fig
881777 -- Search suggestion rows in new about:home are too tall RESOLVED fixed-fig
881779 -- Restore "user_entered" flag when opening URLs from editing mode RESOLVED
881780 -- Make BrowserSearch inherit from HomeFragment RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
881783 -- Search keyword stick after performing a search RESOLVED
882073 -- Remove unused inner class from BrowserSearch RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
882081 -- Restore bookmark indicator in TwoLinePageRow RESOLVED fixed-fig
882417 -- [fig] Remove about:home from default bookmarks RESOLVED good-first-bug-fig
882612 -- Update bookmark/reader icons in new about:home RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
882735 -- Force recreation of children once favicons are loaded in BrowserSearch RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
884398 -- Cleanups in BrowserSearch RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
884896 -- Tidy up search/home bits into same package RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
885590 -- BookmarksListView should use a CursorAdapter RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
885884 -- Add back pinning support to TopBookmarksView RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
887930 -- [fig] Open in New Tab from context menu switches to tab VERIFIED fixed-fig Mark Capella [:capella]
888011 -- Create different package name for fig so it can be installed beside nightly RESOLVED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
888039 -- Use support library's SimpleCursorAdapter if swapCursor() is needed RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
889646 -- BookmarksPage should be the landing page in new about:home RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
891048 -- [FIG] Build crashes on Tablets RESOLVED fixed-fig Shilpan Bhagat
891092 -- TwoLinePageRow's font family should be defined in its text appearance style RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
891817 -- [fig] NPE Clicking Bookmark Listitem RESOLVED
892947 -- [fig] Update ReaderList Status when removed via ContextMenu RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Mark Capella [:capella]
893279 -- [Fig] forward arrow overlaps urlbar text RESOLVED fixed-fig, abouthome-hackathon Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
893529 -- [fig] Allow Tap of reader list icon to open about:home READING LIST page RESOLVED fixed-fig Mark Capella [:capella]
893990 -- BookmarksPage should use FaviconsLoader RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
894045 -- Gamepad support for search suggestions RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
895173 -- ContextMenu on HomeListView is broken RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
895702 -- Port bug 890515 to fig RESOLVED fixed-fig Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
897126 -- [fig] Menu button visibile in editing mode in private browsing mode RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
897212 -- TwoLinePageRow text should use a light font RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
897247 -- [fig] Closing a background tab does not update "Switch to tab" UI in new about:home VERIFIED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
897250 -- [fig] "Remove" context menu item only tries to remove a bookmark, not history RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
897252 -- [fig] Selecting "Remove" in history list generates new "Today" headers RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon [fixed-fig] :Margaret Leibovic
897274 -- [fig] Hardware search button does not properly launch editing mode RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
897689 -- [fig] "Open in Reader" context menu item is never shown RESOLVED fixed-fig, abouthome-hackathon Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
897708 -- [fig] Opening a new tab from the context menu in reading list doesn't open reader mode RESOLVED
897764 -- [fig] Reading List context menu Open in New Tab opens normal page vs. readermode RESOLVED fixed-fig, abouthome-hackathon Mark Capella [:capella]
897822 -- [fig] Pages open in readermode dont display proper |Switch to Tab| info in TwoLinePageRow RESOLVED fixed-fig, abouthome-hackathon Mark Capella [:capella]
898073 -- Thumbnails never appear on first load RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
898197 -- [fig] Use CursorAdapter instead of SimpleCursorAdapter RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
898219 -- NPE at BrowserSearch$SearchAdapter.getCount RESOLVED fixed-fig Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
898276 -- HistoryPage should use FaviconsLoader RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
898501 -- HomeFragment should handle FaviconsLoader RESOLVED abouthome-hackathon, fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
898613 -- Add back button tests for entering/exiting editing mode RESOLVED [lang=java] Vivek Balakrishnan[:vivek]
898646 -- [FIG] Add focus selected graphics for Tabs on History Page RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
898887 -- testSettingsMenuItems | Waiting for settings item choice ^History$ in section ^Customize$ - The ^History$ choice is present in section ^Customize$ RESOLVED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
899061 -- [fig] Adjust row divider colour on "Bookmarks" panel RESOLVED fixed-fig Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
899155 -- [fig] Write tests for context menu on new about:home RESOLVED
899395 -- [FIG] First context menu item/menu item get auto-focused on show RESOLVED
900105 -- [fig] Create new testHistoryPage test to replace original RESOLVED
900109 -- [fig] Re-implement robocop RESOLVED
900110 -- [fig] Re-implement robocop RESOLVED
900128 -- Change the aspect ratio of TopBookmark thumbnails to 7:4 ratio RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
900240 -- FadedTextView creates objects in onDraw() RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
900744 -- [fig] CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException when long tapping on search suggestion row RESOLVED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
900746 -- [fig] Tapping on a visited page item opens the wrong URL (or no URL) if search suggestions are shown RESOLVED fixed-fig :Margaret Leibovic
901064 -- TopBookmarksView shows a divider during startup RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
901066 -- TopBookmarksView loads in a flash RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
901899 -- Add testBrowserSearchVisibility RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
902039 -- [fig] Correct about:home back-button/swipe UX RESOLVED Michael Comella (:mcomella) [NI reported issues only: ex-Mozilla]
902064 -- [fig] Folders on BookmarksList are throwing an IllegalArgumentException RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
903592 -- [fig] Bookmarks folders are hard to enter and exit RESOLVED
904678 -- [fig] Long press on search engine row causes unexpected vibration RESOLVED
904840 -- [Fig] History page is inflated during startup RESOLVED fixed-fig Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
905088 -- Properly handle default URL in enterEditingMode RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
905162 -- Misc empty view tweaks RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
905286 -- Session Restore wastefully makes a database query per tab to fetch Favicons. RESOLVED [fixed-fig] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
905376 -- FadedTextView can be achieved using fadingEdge RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
906664 -- [Fig] Make the text for the bookmark placeholders a bit more explicit RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
906670 -- [Fig] Can sometimes accessibility focus hidden content from about:home RESOLVED Max Li [:maxli]
906711 -- Search buttons don't indicate the search engine RESOLVED Max Li [:maxli]
906719 -- Add testInputLongURL robocop test RESOLVED
906941 -- Pressed state in history tabs not seen clearly RESOLVED [wax-poetic]
907180 -- Backout fig changes to nightly build config RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
907188 -- [Fig] - Do something with footer on an empty state bookmarks pane VERIFIED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
907768 -- Intermittent testSearchSuggestions | Results for query 'f' matched expected suggestions - got false, expected true RESOLVED Richard Newman [:rnewman]
907769 -- Intermittent testHistory | Checking that the correct tab is displayed - The HISTORY tab is displayed RESOLVED
907850 -- Add a little space around the reader icon in awesomescreen tip RESOLVED Chenxia Liu [:liuche]
907852 -- Unify position of empty state graphics RESOLVED Chenxia Liu [:liuche]
907857 -- Keyboard should overlap history tabs, not push them up. RESOLVED
907879 -- Hide content specific menu items for hardware menu access for an associated URL while in about:home RESOLVED
907881 -- Long tapping on a bookmark thumbnail and then long-tapping on an empty thumbnail spot displays in its context menu 'Open in New tab' and 'Open in Private Tab' VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
907988 -- Editing a bookmark does not update the item in view in the bookmarks tab VERIFIED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
907999 -- Switch to tab not working with tabs that are within the 'Tabs from last time' pane RESOLVED
908344 -- Bookmark keywords are broken VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
908364 -- Doorhanger popup can appear on top of awesomescreen in editing mode VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
908423 -- Crash @ android.database.CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 40 requested, with a size of 40 VERIFIED [native-crash] :Margaret Leibovic
908494 -- Regression: Unable to close bottom most tab in landscape orientation on a tablet by tapping on the close button RESOLVED
908569 -- Remove MostVisited page from History tab RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
908656 -- Long press a bookmark inside "Desktop Bookmarks" opens context menu for the wrong bookmark RESOLVED
909153 -- Empty reading list hint is inaccessible RESOLVED Max Li [:maxli]
909375 -- Regression: Use website URL when title not available for about:home item context menu header VERIFIED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
909390 -- Regression: URL mismatch from content; toolbar not properly animated RESOLVED
909539 -- [TABLET] Tapping on a history item in the new UI brings the next item below the one tapped VERIFIED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
909857 -- Off-by-one(?) error when selecting links on the new about:home screen RESOLVED
909979 -- Off-by-one (?) error when long-clicking list items on the search suggestions screen VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
910106 -- Intermittent Android testClearPrivateData, testFindInPage, tcheck2 talosError: 'Verify HomePager is hidden: HomePager is hidden [browser_output.txt]' RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
910259 -- [TABLET] crash in java.lang.IllegalStateException: Couldn''t move cursor to position 1 at org.mozilla.gecko.home.MultiTypeCursorAdapter.getCursor( RESOLVED
910835 -- NullPointerException at BrowserSearch.showSuggestionsOptIn (line 449) RESOLVED Michael Comella (:mcomella) [NI reported issues only: ex-Mozilla]
910882 -- URL bar's shadow shouldn't be shown when search suggestions opt-in is shown VERIFIED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
911157 -- The user can bookmark the new about:home RESOLVED
911295 -- crash in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot handle null URLs in enterEditingMode at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp.enterEditingMode( RESOLVED [native-crash][startupcrash] Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
911490 -- Grey screen of death when opening backgrounded Nightly: IllegalArgumentException: Wrong state class, expecting View State but received class$SavedState instead RESOLVED
911828 -- Crash in java.lang.IllegalStateException: Couldn''t move cursor to position 0 at org.mozilla.gecko.home.MultiTypeCursorAdapter.getCursor( VERIFIED [native-crash][startupcrash] :Margaret Leibovic
911830 -- Regression: About:Home completely blank after exiting out of search results screen VERIFIED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
912296 -- Redundant home screen data RESOLVED
912298 -- Nightly crashes after being killed in the background RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
912523 -- Give bookmark thumbnails a context menu header RESOLVED [mentor=sriram][lang=java] Mark Capella [:capella]
912994 -- Update top sites query to exclude reading list items RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
913116 -- [Fig] top sites not displaying oft-used bookmarks RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
915806 -- Can't tap last history item after bookmarking page on Android 2.3 RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
917350 -- First letter typed into the awesomescreen does not find any bookmarks or history VERIFIED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
917394 -- [fig] Re-arrange about:home tabs as per new design VERIFIED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
917770 -- User pinned sites are removed if the bookmark is removed RESOLVED Chenxia Liu [:liuche]
917776 -- The Custom Menu should not be accessible while in edit mode RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
917815 -- Broken about:home, missing views; content stuck in small little area RESOLVED
917881 -- Edit pinned site dialog doesn't let you enter your own text RESOLVED
917944 -- Remove "Most recent" header in history page VERIFIED Mark Capella [:capella]
917962 -- Regression: Search not conducted with pasted query; matches results when typed manually VERIFIED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
918007 -- Disable toolbar elements (menu, back, forward, tabs) while in editing mode on tablets VERIFIED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
918015 -- Regression: Tablet throbber animation does not move smoothly horizontal when navigating forward RESOLVED Chenxia Liu [:liuche]
918044 -- TopSitesGridView calls layout infinite times RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
919230 -- Implement empty screen state for bookmarks VERIFIED Chenxia Liu [:liuche]
919231 -- Unclear dialog 'Enter a search keyboard' when attempting to fill a thumbnail spot RESOLVED
919748 -- Bottom divider is lost in Reading List VERIFIED [lang=java] Vivek Balakrishnan[:vivek]
919777 -- HomeListView is slow on startup RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
920684 -- crash in java.lang.IllegalStateException: Couldn''t move cursor to position -1 at org.mozilla.gecko.home.MultiTypeCursorAdapter.getCursor( RESOLVED
921128 -- Regression: Highlight for "Most recent" header on tablet is misaligned RESOLVED [lang=java]
921711 -- Bookmarks display is off-by-one wrt clicking vs display RESOLVED
924131 -- crash in java.lang.IllegalStateException: Couldn''t move cursor to position 0 at org.mozilla.gecko.home.MultiTypeCursorAdapter.getCursor( RESOLVED [native-crash]
924480 -- With talkback, Swiping right from toolbar brings you to content, event when about:home is visible. VERIFIED Michael Comella (:mcomella) [NI reported issues only: ex-Mozilla]
924485 -- When Fennec is first started it is unresponsive with TalkBack RESOLVED
925012 -- Search engine choices pane is completely blank VERIFIED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
925068 -- Regression: device rotation drops the top-most root folder item in view in nested bookmarks VERIFIED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
925082 -- "Edit" context menu item on pinned sites just launches an empty PinSiteDialog VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
928023 -- window.fullScreen enabled on new about:home causes issues (FullScreen Add-On) RESOLVED
929022 -- crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.home.BookmarksPage$PinBookmarkListener.onBookmarkSelected( RESOLVED
930589 -- Reading List: list view does not reflect updated changes to reading list items VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
930644 -- crash in java.lang.ClassCastException: org.mozilla.gecko.home.TwoLinePageRow cannot be cast to org.mozilla.gecko.home.BookmarkFolderView at org.mozilla.gecko.home.BookmarksListAdapter.bindView( RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
930740 -- crash in java.lang.ClassCastException: org.mozilla.gecko.home.BookmarkFolderView cannot be cast to org.mozilla.gecko.home.TwoLinePageRow at org.mozilla.gecko.home.BookmarksListAdapter.bindView( RESOLVED
931975 -- crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.home.TopSitesPage$PinSiteListener.onSiteSelected( RESOLVED
933757 -- New about:home does not display on which device the synced tab is open RESOLVED
933769 -- Description in 'History' page should be improved RESOLVED
938141 -- Thumbnail flickering when Home is loaded VERIFIED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
938148 -- Typing in new Home feels slow RESOLVED

168 Total; 0 Open (0%); 141 Resolved (83.93%); 27 Verified (16.07%);


Improve UX and enhance functionality of the about:home page on Firefox Android. Enhancements include but are not limited to:

  • Creating horizontally swipeable panels
  • Creating a "visited" panel
  • Creating a "bookmarks" panel
  • Creating a "reading list" panel
  • Creating an "add-ons" panel
  • Adding support for add-ons developers to create their own panels that can be added here


  • 3 swypable (horizontal) pages
  • Real estate devoted to 'dynamic snippets' on the home page
  • Real estate devoted to feature hand-picked add-ons and webapps, linked to their respective respositories
  • Ability to add a short cut to additional content (eg AMO, Marketplace)

User stories


UX designs

Feature review milestones

  • first review when baseline goals are met

Quality criteria

  1. User stories must be satisfied
  2. Specifications must be met
  3. Tests need to be fixed before merging. Namely, we need to extract Awesomebar dependency in BaseTest


Things to do before merging

Logistical items to take care of before merging fig back into mozilla-central.


Week of July 8
  • Usability testing on a Fig build (doing for this):
    • Ease of access to start page
    • Ease of finding bookmarks / reading list / visited sites
    • Ease of retrieving articles saved to reading list
Week of July 15
  • ibarlow in London and working with Lucas on a plan for the hackathon
  • Send out feedback from testing
  • Merge Fig into Central, in preparation for hackathon <==Criteria for merge is functional parity with current about:home (maybe not addons). All P1s as seen in above tracking list
Week of July 22
  • Hackathon! Come one come all!
Week of July 29
  • Assess where we are, and if we're go for Firefox 25 or if we want to bake for another release cycle.



  • Feature parity with current about:home
    • Pinning /editing
    • Search suggestions opt in UI
  • UI transitions
    • new tab from menu
    • new tab from tabs tray
    • tapping url bar
  • Implement updated history panel
  • Get a functioning tablet UI in place (finalized visual design can come in followup work