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The below table is a list of user stories under consideration for inclusion in Firefox for Android to support the first integration of Firefox Hello.

Title BUG ID User story Acceptance Criteria
Firefox Account support Bug ID As a user, I want to be able to enable / disable Firefox Hello room syncing. I want an intuitive menu option that allows me to disable/enable room syncing.
As a user not already signed-in or signed-up to FxA, I want to be able to sign-in or sign-up to a FxA within the Firefox Hello workflow. The user must not need to interrupt their Firefox Hello navigation in order to go to menu -> settings -> sync to create or sign-into their FxA. Instead, the user must be able to be pointed to the FxA sign-in/sign-up within the Firefox Hello context and be put back into that same context after sign-in/sign-up.
As a user, I want to see my rooms I have created in Firefox Hello from desktop in Firefox Hello in fennec after I have signed-into my FxA. I see the rooms I created from desktop also on fennec after I have signed into my FxA.