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  • Meta-bug to be filed


We want a way to let users know about and set up new lists from the main homescreen, and we're going to try using the Promotional Banner to do this.

This feature is entirely about triggering the new list setup flow from content in the promotional banner, so is dependent on the Promotional banner enhancements project being completed first.

Use cases & user stories

  • When I tap on the "you can customize your homescreen with new lists!" promotion, I want the new list setup flow to be triggered, so I can try setting up a new list without having to dig through my settings.
  • When I tap on a promotion about adding a new partner service list, I want the new list setup flow for that partner to be triggered, so I can set it up without having to dig through my settings.

UX design

  • TBD


  • User value, user delight - the promo banner gives us an easy & low-touch way to expose these (and other) new features to users, and to give them a quick way to get started using them. This feeds into our Marketshare goals.
  • Third-party service partner value - we can use this feature to potentially co-market partner services, and to help users set up and start using those services as part of their Firefox Hub experience. This also supports our rev-share goals and, potentially, our webapp/ecosystem integration.

Quality criteria

  • No user-perceptible performance degradation
  • All goals are met
  • All user stories are implemented & tested