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bug 769683


Build a simple first-run experience that helps users discover some of Firefox for Android's new or lesser-known features such as the new Firefox Accounts & Sync experience, our WebApps integration (and Marketplace), Reading List and Firefox Hub.

This first-run tour could be populated with new, relevant content for releases where we introduce new features or choose to highlight existing/improved features.

User stories

  • TBD (deb)


Include telemetry probes so we know

  • How many users see the first-run tour in a given day/week
  • How many users dismiss the first-run tour without otherwise interacting with it, and how quickly it is dismissed
  • How many users interact with the first-run tour beyond just dismissing it & which items they interact with (so would need some way to differentiate between whether they tap on the Sync page or the Hub page or whatever)
  • How many users manually re-open the first-run tour

UX design

  • TBD


  • What other browsers do first-run tours?
  • What do other browsers/apps do for first-run tours that are particularly excellent and/or terrible?

Quality criteria

  • All user stories are implemented & tested
  • No perceptible performance degratation
  • Minimal increase in APK size
  • User feedback in Nightly and Aurora doesn't indicate that it is a hugely annoying feature - although these may have greater potential for annoyance than beta/GA, depending on what we count as a "first-run"