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  • what do the other browsers support in terms of gestures (how many, as an add-on or bundled, customized or standardized)
  • what are the actual gestures for the listed gestures they support
  • what does Android's gesture engine look like / how would we integrate it (ie what can it DO for us)
  • how many 'small' screen touchpoints are there and where do they get shipped to? I have heard India takes a TON of them, and am assuming other developing markets as well
  • any market data about the use of gestures, geographies and/or demographics?
  • What do users want to do quickly that they can't right now?


  • what would be the top 5 (or so - could be one more or less) gestures
  • best served as an add-on or in-product (may be down to apk size, where it could fit in terms of menu on/off)



  • User value in optimizing for touch UI and making using our browser an increasingly natural-feeling part of users' devices. This supports our marketshare, pre-install potential, and tablet optimization goals.


Other notes

Richard's notes about Coast:

  • Swipe vs tap on home screen doesn't work well. Took three tries to tap Reddit.
  • No feedback on loading speed. Sluggish.
  • Minimal feedback. In the seven tries tapping on the link I wanted, it registered a click on the item above. I didn't know until that page loaded. You do get a grey outline when you successfully tap a link, but not when you fail. *Something* is different versus other browsers...
  • Swipe-for-back kinda collides with pinch-to-zoom-out if you have a light touch. This is really annoying.
  • It covers the previous page with pinstripes when loading 'back'. It's really annoying. In fact, the whole browsing experience feels like a clunky browser trying to be smooth.
  • imgur captures swipes! That sucks a lot when your only controls are swipes. You can only 'escape' by accidentally opening the "Back stack" view. I still don't know how this works.
  • You can view URLs, safety, info, etc by swiping down from a page in the "Back stack".
  • Coast really suffers from lack of intents.